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Im new (not really) I have been trying to make money online for about a year and made $0 I always quit and come back again. Im back again(sad right?) and I wanna get into email marketing (weight loss niche).

My question to those who make a living in email marketing:

How long do subscribers stay subscribed? Let's say they are subscribed for a year. Does that mean you need to make contents that lasts for a year using autoresponder?

Let's say you send out 2-3 a week (im guessing thats what most email marketers do?) How do you not run out of content? What if it's 2-3 years? Is that possible?

Or do you automatically delete them when they reach your last content and not make any purchase? maybe in 1 year time?

My English is bad so I cant make emails interesting. And I cant hire people to write content for me because all i have is $100 budget... How did you learn to make interesting emails? I was never a good writer even at school I always use simple words so my writings are always dull lol Im sure you can tell from this thread.

Sorry for asking so much. thanks

(Trying to push my luck here but ignore if you don't like it sorry)
Im in a really desperate situation but if someone is willing to coach me for free (by email) that would be nice. I have cut off all of my friends(temporarily) and I could do this all day 24/7 literally and ill take this time to learn as fast as possible.
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    Hi hiimjohn ,
    Have a nice day . I think you are frustrated about email marketing. Don't worried my friend about that. There is Autoresponder software from Get respond for genuine Email marketing. I use that software. Its most easier and friendly. Lets use it, then solve your trouble. That nice. Wish your success.
    All the best.
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    Hi hiimjohn, can I suggest that you subscribe to a bunch of Internet Marketers email lists and get ideas from their headlines and content?

    Start your own swipe file with some of this content, not to copy other people's stuff directly but more to give yourself that little bit of inspiration when you get stuck writing the next email in the series.

    There's loads of guys on here who have great posts and products that will really help you out with your emails, you could do worse than getting busy with the warrior search function!

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