Where to buy the cheapest solo ads?

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Hi. I want to know where are people in this forum buying solo ads from and how much do you spend per 100 clicks?
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    You can try Udimi.com or search on Facebook for Solo ad groups.
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    Agreed…definitely try out Udimi.com or you can even Google 'your niche + solo ad' and should have some luck as well….just remember, you get what you pay for

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    I would recommend buying solo ads on Udimi as well. The most reliable solo ad marketplace of its kind.
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    I've bought solo ads from Fiverr. The seller sent an e-mail to 300.000 US recepients.
    I saw no visitors at all.
    He agreed to cancel an order without hesistation.
    So, don't buy solo ads from Fiverr.
    I consider buying solo ads from Udimi. Let us know your experience.
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      I buy from Udimi all the time. Some are good, some are bad. It depends on the provider. The thing I like is that they will refund your money if the solo isn't good. I like dealing with Udimi. I have had some really good response.
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    in "beta" stage

    I signed up and having a look around...
    So don't know yet if they are good or not.
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    Don't try to buy cheap clicks. It's not work at all as it's all garbage
    At least 0.5/ click is viable. It may helps

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    you can also try facebook...

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    Check clickonomy.com

    It's made as a market for solo ads buyers & sellers in any niche.

    Even if you're a newbie you don't have anything to worry as every sellers recieves a review+comment+rates on their profiles from their buyers. So from those alone you will definitely be able to choose from whom to buy solo ads.

    In addition the site's management, or creator or whoever is behind it, is/are going to refund your payment in case you don't get a good result.

    Feel free to update me with your results if you want.

    Hope it helps you get your desired results and goodluck for your online biz
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    in my honest opinion you don't want too much solo ads for building your own list.. i know PPC is more expensive traffic source then solo ads but you will be getting fresh subs, people who are not already on 50 other lists and who are not daily spammed to death. You will get higher open rate and more money out of it. But thats just my opinion. If you have money to invest i would suggest doing that.

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    Some solo ads are good, some not. I suggest buying a small amount- say 50 and see what your results are. Good results- buy more. Bad results- don't buy anymore. From what I've seen, decent solo ads cost anywhere from $.80 to 1.50 per click.
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    You could try contacting vendors and see if they are interested in selling solo ads.
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