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which email marketing tactics do you have ?
what email marketing tactics i should apply for my strategy ?
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    Basically, the main goal of doing email marketing is to build a subscriber base who know, like and trust you/your brand. So the question would be, how to do that? It's not really about tactics or anything like that. Focus on how you can deliver tons of value and gain people's trust. That's a starting point of a solid and reliable business.
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      Hi there,

      There is a law of reciprocity in action, you provide people with valuable information and resources they need and they will reciprocate by purchasing what you offer them. Understanding what are your customer's needs and wants and fulfilling those needs and wants with the right products and services is the key to a successful marketer.
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    I know it's already been said, but bring value. Maybe give them a small report on how to do something very specific in your niche. Maybe show them some cool blog posts or videos that could help them out
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    I don't do a real lot of traditional email marketing, so my tactics and strategies are s bit different.

    For the past 16+ years, the bulk of what I've been doing is monetizing purchase data(email) by promoting PPL(pay per lead) offers, because there is no credit card required. All a user has to do is fill out a form to make money. So conversion rates are typically much higher. Basically, I'm generating leads. I do send some regular CPA offer that require a purchase, but I heavily promote PPL.

    Since I'm overwhelming sending free offers, there is no reason to try and build a relationship/trust with the users. So I don't have to worry about sending content, or anything like that, so it's much less work. However, I always send quality offers and whenever possible I promote offers of name brands.That way I can piggyback off the trust that already exist with the brand name. With some offers, promoting a brand name, even if not real well known can produce drastically higher conversion rates over a generic offer.

    I favor offers that have some financial positioning...has a make, get or save money angle to them. Which is what have overall worked best for me, as they tend to have the greatest mass appeal. So the potential exists to produce high volume. The key part is the mass appeal. So even offers that don't have the money angle or regular cpa offers that require a purchase, I will still promote them if the mass appeal exists or at the very least test.

    There are many PPL offers that $20-$60 and some even higher depending on the vertical that work well on front-end campaigns. Offers that pay significantly less or regular CPA offers, I will promote on the back-end.

    Obviously there is more to it, as I didn't mention anything regarding data, but it's something to think about. As you could look to see if you can incorporate PPL offers into your own marketing.
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    Sending emails without trying to sell something in every single one of them builds trust over time. When you give more value than anything else, people are more willing to consider what you're selling by the time you decide to exercise that right hook.

    That is not to say you give valuable content only without any call to action most of the time. Your call to action other than selling, can be asking them to be subscribed to you on your social media so you extend your outreach in the community - something easier for them to do.

    I know it is weird to say the following but the consistent delivery of valuable content sometimes is not enough to increase that click open rates. You need to have a controversial and compelling title, a teasing or stirring one of some sort to entice.

    You may also include a slice of your personal life in that email content for your subs to get to know you better. People are weird in that they like to have peeks into another's personal life. If you've bought a new car or even a new toy, for instance, share that new drive or unboxing experience with them in your emails. Even these may not necessarily be of "value", they've got some entertaining factor to satisfy the curiosity of humans in this digital world. This increases engagement between you and the subs and indirectly attracting them to your business via your personality and lifestyle.

    To know more about how to build an online business using the tools and techniques I'm using:

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      Email marketing is one of my favorite promotional tools. Email marketing cannot be fulfilled without the implementation of useful tactics. Email marketing is highly beneficial for locating and securing customer leads for a longer period.
      For me, I think every email marketing effort should follow these 4 C's.
      Collection: Ask the "how" and "where" questions ("Where should my next campaign target?" "How can I drive in the right leads?") before commencing your email marketing campaign. It is as important to implement your efforts in the right places as it is to put them into action.
      Connection: Another important aspect of email marketing is productively "connecting" with your customers. Your campaigns must provide a straight line of connection with your potential clients should you wish to covert them into purchasing clients.
      Conversion: This is the chief purpose of performing email marketing. You need to figure out how your emails can convert readers into paying customers. Offers, discounts, and direct links to product orders are good ways to turn your emails into conversion tools.
      Circulation: Now that you have converted your potential clients into paying customers, you also need to maintain that relationship for the long term. Persistent and engaging communication is what's needed nowadays. It also provides ways to pitch additional offers and promote new products.
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    Email marketing should start from a list of potential customers.
    I've done email marketing before but it didn't work out because the emails I have are bought ones.
    Out of a thousand recipients, I didn't received even a single reply from it.
    So, I guess the best thing you can do is to analyze your audience, build a list and then execute a strategy. I suggest you try different approach that so you'll be able to know what strategy works best for you.

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    First you have something to sell, I am referring to physical objects or concepts topics, you must propose what people did not, but potentially he needs.
    You may also help with forums and google trends.
    Once you find the right topic you will need to do a blog, the easiest way is word press, or
    Surely it is essential to a good autosponder.
    and in any case you must provide original content, offer discounts, offer your members a small section of your email in order to publish the link of their product, and basic thing you have to give continuous support to the potential customer, so that your reputation will grow, and people have confidence in you.

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    Originally Posted by mathompson View Post

    what email marketing tactics i should apply for my strategy ?
    And your strategy is...?
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    My mentor has always advice me - If you gather e-mail by opt-in page where you have offered them some sort of useful free report or book. Once you have send them thank you email, you should send them 3 to 4 emails of useful info to start building your relationship. After that you can start sending sales email, but they should always be full of good and useful info + your offer details.

    If you have build your list without offering anything free then you should send them emails full of info for at least a 3 weeks before sending any offers and if you can give them free reports related to your offer and their need.

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