Sales Pitch In Second E-mail

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So, my funnel goes something like this:

1. Customer Clicks On FB Ad (Desktop Newsfeed Only)
2. Customer Lands On LP, Supposed to leave E-Mail For A Complete Solution To His Problem
3. I ACTUALLY PROVIDE the complete solution in the first e-mail, true to my word.
4. After 2-3 days, customer receives follow-up email in which he is offered phone assistance in implementing the solution.
5. Customer clicks on link directly to payment page (using gumroad) in which he is able to pay for the call.
6. Customer receives my personal e-mail adresse with which he can schedule a phone conversation.

Anybody has any experience with this type of funnel and can offer some advice on how to better optimise it? Specifically - does this method ever worked for anyone? Do you know of a better way to schedule a call than the back and forth-email thing? (line 6)

Keep in mind my end goal is creating as many phone conversations as possible.
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