how to build email list.

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Hi warrior,
I am newbie in an affiliate marketing. so i have no idea how to build email list on mail chimp and how to create back links.

I hope you will help me.
Advance Thanks,

Muskan Khan.
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    Yes, It is very Good Question. Everyone want to know how get more lead. First of all you should have a very good landing page. and promote it. How to promote it Very Easy. Social Marketing is Good way where you can get more visitor. Now You can make big Email list.
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    Hmm yeah I would advice the same: If the traffic should be free, make a good (!) landing-page and publish it on social media, forums and so on.

    However, for good social media results you need friends/followers first. So, facebook groups might be an alternative, but beware, the "good" ones often dont like link posting!

    If you have budget, try facebooks advertisements and see how they work out
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    3 best ways to build an email list on your site:

    1. Have an exit intent popup which tries to capture an email address when someone exits.
    2. Content upgrades - Let people download something specific to your blog post in exchange for an email.
    3. Have a landing page that you drive traffic to.
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    you need a good landing page and a give-away gift to act as incentive for sign ups
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    If you start with 0 knowladge you might need to take some basic course and create some simple squeez page.. that way you will learn basic steps... the more you learn more action you should take, since reading itself won't make you any results.
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    I think the first thing to do is to choose a topic or object that you want to sell, I think this is the most important step, do a lot of research.
    Then you have to build a good site, there are some good tools like wordpress or
    Once you have done these steps, you must subscribe to a good autoresponder, personally like getresponse.
    Some tips I can give you are:
    Registration with expiration date: namely enrolling by a certain date to the customer will come a gift or discount.
    original content
    Registration removal: highlight to the customer who can unsubscribe anytime.
    Personal links. offer your members a small section of your email in order to publish the link of their product.
    And what I think most importantly, offer ongoing support, the customer must feel protected, and this then increase your reputation, I hope I was helpful .good job.
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    First of all you need to sign up for a free account at MailChimp. Once you have signed up, and logged into MailChimp dashboard, you will be seeing a screen create a list, and click on create a list. nowYou need to fill up box details. One thing which you need to keep in mind while building your list is: On the same page, you can also subscribe for getting notifications for Subscribe/unsubscribed users. I recommend you to select daily digest, as it will help you to keep an eye on new subscribers/unsubscribers. now you need to Import existing contacts to your MailChimp email list. for details you can search in youtube.
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    1. Content Upgrades
    2. In-Email Social Sharing Options
    3. Host A Giveaway
    4. Featured Opt-In Incentives
    5. Pop-ups
    6. Leverage Social Proof
    7. Name Drop
    8. Customer Referrals Via A Tasty Bonus
    9. Partner With Influencers
    10. Make Your Website Faster
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    Since you are new, you have to start from the basics. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to start your affiliate marketing

    1. Find a niche market - e.g. dieting, dog training, parenting, acne, etc depending on your interests
    2. Find affiliate products to market to your niche market - from, Market, Peerfly,, etc,
    3. Listbuilding software - Getresponse, Aweber, Listwire (free), icontact etc
    4. Ethical bride - free ebook, software, video etc
    5. Opt-in form
    6. follow-up message strategies
    7. Traffic

    If you need more help just pm me and i will send you a free guide on all you need to know about affiliate marketing step-by-step from start to finish.
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    The main benefit for affiliate marketers and online marketers in general is that list building is a good way of retaining part of the traffic you've paid for.

    People get to your blog and, well, they tend to leave. But asking them to sign up for emails is a good and inexpensive way of getting back to them whenever you want. That's the true benefit of email marketing, or at least a really important one.

    Learn Blogging for Free - Beginners Guide for 2017. Visit

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    Hi Muskan,
    Have a nice day with a valuable question. Most well com to email marketing community as well as warrior forum. since you are beginer, you may try with the featured 5 vital points. Think it will be helpfull for you.

    1. Learn how to maximize your subject line.
    2. Use creative personalisation to boost conversions.
    3. Track conversions accurately
    4. Increase your subscribe rates with survey
    5. Send out emails based on user action.

    Best of luck.
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      Hi abulbd717,

      Thank you so much you guide me very well.please pray for me i succeed in this field.


      Muskan khan
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    You can build email list by:
    - build site, take trafic, use pop email
    - Use landing page and auto sent email (you shoud go to ads)
    - give free gift, after please customers give their information
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    Originally Posted by muskan khan View Post

    Hi warrior,
    I am newbie in an affiliate marketing. so i have no idea how to build email list on mail chimp and how to create back links.

    I hope you will help me.
    Advance Thanks,

    Muskan Khan.
    Hi friend! have many ways to build email list likes members mentioned above Chose niche, take affiliate links, offers, optin form,.... That so the important thing before get your email list is Traffic, How to get traffic? I have ebook here that teach you some way to get Free traffic . If you interesting just pm me I will receive you for all free as soon as possible.
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    You need a website and you need traffic.

    Traffic can come organic (from Google), from Facebook Ads, from Twitter Ads, from Quora, from StumbleUpon, from writing guest posts, etc.

    You need to create engaging content on your website and you also need a lead magnet (an eBook, a video series, a course). Generally, eBooks work well. From there you need to collect emails and after a while you can start monetizing it (by promotion your products or someone else's products).

    Amazon books - Search for Ryan Stevens on Amazon

    Quora - follow me - Ryan Stevens
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    You should have more contact list to start an e-mail marketing. So the first is to create more contacts in facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then do your e-mail marketing. Build your business.
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    If you are new at list building i would suggest that you do not try to do it on your own but to speed up you progress and success you need to do what is called reverse engineering. Create about 4 - 5 new gmail addresses and go to google type in your niche and look at the 1st 10 -20 results and find out who has an optin form and sign up to 4 or 5 newsletters using your new addresses and leave them for some time. After about 30 days when you open them you will find that you have an email sequence and affiliate programs that these marketers would be promoting so you will know what to also promote, the kind of free offers they are using and types of emails to send aand take screen shots of their squeeze pages and thank you pages and create a file and save to your computer and do some reverse engineering. Find someone on who can produce something similar to the squeeze pages or thank you pages that you see and start creating your funnel. this exercise is just to give you some guidelines as a newbie and not for you to duplicate exactly as this is called plagerism and its not ethical.
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    You can generate your own email list by getting the visitors to subscribe. You can encourage subscription by incentivizing the opt in. Also your webpage should be good enough to make the visitor want to come back.
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