Any advice on safelists? Only just heard the term

by rritz
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Hi Warriors,

I only just heard about safelist mailers and looked at a couple of these sites. It seems you can get your mails out to a lot of people, sometimes even for free? I'd be very interested to know if you can get any results that are any good or if these are just spam traders.

Not sure even how targeted these mails would be or anything. Before I dig deeper, I thought I'd ask you, maybe you'll tell me they're no good and waste of time.

Has anyone done this and with what results? Any downsides? Anything to take care of if you do this?
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    IMHO, they are junk. The list you build from them are just a bunch of other guys looking to build a list. They don't really give a rip about your offer. They want you to buy there offer instead.

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    Remember that it's always about your end user demographic.

    What do these people want?

    They want website traffic.

    Can you present an offer to them that's better than what they're doing now? (Clicking for traffic?).
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    Using safelists can be effective, but you have to know what you are doing. It is not a simple task, you will need to be a member of 30-50 safelists, you will need to click for credits daily, about an hour a day, you will need to know how to construct these emails as well as the squeeze page. These 2 steps are totally different from anything you have learned about email marketing. It will take you about 2 or 3 months to get really rolling, but, if done correctly you will add a couple hundred subscribers to your list on a monthly basis.


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    You need to have your own squeezepage that is set up to capture people are "opportunity minded" and give them stuff that relates to the make money online niche.

    It will require a fresh gmail account as you will get a lot of mail, and then a good few hours per week clicking to generate credits and then mailing out your advert. You will also need a tracker to work out which sites work best for your offer, and a good conversion rate is ~ 1%, so work out returns on your funnel on that basis as you want to upgrade at some of the bigger sites?

    Lastly it's also about branding yourself, so don't give up after a week.

    Any more questions here's a facebook group where the top owners / affiliates hang out.
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    Thanks to all of you, all together you have given me a good idea of what and what not to expect
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