Where can I find the best opt in email list seller or providers?

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i am in need of a optin email list. For that i googled and found many companies who provide B2C email list but i'm afraid to buy from because
they ask me to make the payment first and then they will give me a list. Now i am very much confused. Is their any one know how to contact them or else suggest me some good and genuine B2C email list vendors.
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    To be honest, I would not trust them! You have no way of verifying that the lists are really optin, and if they are not - at least here in germany and afaik - you can get yourself into trouble if you still use them.

    If someone has an optin B2B list that is good, the value for this person would drop with every sell. So, it would always be a bad idea to sell such a good list, and therefore I just can not see that there are many legit sellers out there :\
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      Originally Posted by Lucian Lada View Post

      Have you considered building your own list?
      You mean (I hate to use foul language, but) WORK?


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    Ask yourself (let's look at this logically): if you had a PROFITABLE LIST would you sell it for anyhting?

    DEFINITELY NOT! the real 6 7 & 8 figure earners swear 1 thing: they wouldn't sell their list to ANYONE.

    Having a good list is worth more then the pennies they offer for you to buy it online. Why do you think that is?

    Its simple: the emails are worth basically nothing. May as well sell it to someone looking for a quick solution willing to pay them cos at least they get SOMETHING out of the emails worth nothing.

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    I don't understand the problem.

    They want you to make payment and then send you the list...how else would you expect it to work?

    I have been monetizing purchased data(email) for 16+ years. People saying to never buy a list is just absurd. There are companies that drive massive traffic to sites that are solely designed to generate leads that the users provide permission to receive 3rd party messages.

    Purchased lists will never be as responsive as a list that you generate yourself. So this is compensated by high volume, Which is OK, as it is cheaper and faster to obtain than if you built it yourself. Then you have to clean, prune and segment the responsive users into a smaller list.

    Anytime you acquire data from a new source, you should always start by buying a small sample and testing it to see how good the quality is. Then depending on the outcome of the test you can use that info to negotiate the price if needed.

    However, this doesn't mean that it will be profitable for you.

    As I said, I monetize data and I do it by heavily promoting many free offers (PPL: pay per lead) that pay well and have mass appeal...will be of interest to a large portion of the general public. So most of the time, I'm never trying to actually sell something, I'm just generating leads.

    So what I do is much easier than someone that has a single product or service that they want to sell. In this can it can be much more difficult finding the right list to purchase and may be better off building their own list than buying.
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