What is the best frequency to email your suscribers?

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I read in the forum that it is important to send frequently emails to you suscribers to keep your list fresh.

I will email my suscribers everytime i publish a new article in my blog and i think i will publish one article per week.

It is ok? Or it is better to send more or less frequency emails?
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    depends on the size.. if you have a small list don't mail them too often cuz you will get a lot of unsubscribes.

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      Originally Posted by supereek View Post

      depends on the size.. if you have a small list don't mail them too often cuz you will get a lot of unsubscribes.
      What does list size have to do with unsubscribe rate? What, subscribers go like, "I'm on a small list and this guy's emailing me daily, therefore, I must unsubscribe!"?

      And how would a subscriber even know if he or she is on a small list? And what does small list actually mean? 100 people? 200? 2,000?

      Anyway, how often you email them doesn't matter as much as telling them how often to expect hearing from you before they even sign up. In other words, you can even email them daily if they were told to expect this from the get-go. It's common sense, really.
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    There is no best in my opinion. However, I believe in being an aggressive marketer.

    One of the best ways is to simply watch your stats, unsubs, complaints, opens and clicks, along with your conversions and find what works best. You never know how hard you can push it, till you try. keep in mind that no single day change creates any statistical significance. You may find that you can send 2 messages a day, 6 days per week.
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    We’ll be sharing some fascinating insights from the Frequency Finder app in an upcoming research report. Stay tuned!

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    Choosing the best frequency for sending email is challenging since we are looking to maximize response, but avoid 'over-mailing' which can lead to unacceptable levels of unsubscribes and an increase in inactive - our audience may feel they are being spammed. Even if they don't unsubscribe they will become "emotionally unsubscribed". Worse still, with overmailing, the business may have delivery problems and messages aren't getting through to the inbox at all.
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    I personally try do 2 to 3 times a week.
    I hate it when people email me more than that so I take that into consideration.

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  • As Peter Stavrou says. Max 3 times a week.
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    I have read a lot of email strategies, and guess what, every one of them is different.

    Look at your own email inbox. Some marketers send daily, some weekly, some a few times a week, some multiple times a day, some monthly, some only when they launch a new product.

    Ask 100 email marketers, get 100 different answers.

    Your guess is as good as mine

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    You can easily email 5 times a week or more if wanted to without any or very little people unsubscribing like i do on my marketing site newsletter. It comes down to letting them know from the jump how often to expect an email from you, invite them to unsubscribe now if don't want too hear from you or could offer a kind of reply to this email and let me know only would like x a week if wanted to and put them in otherx amount list and here's the real key....

    Provde Value. You sell of course because we're in business to make money, but also provide value. Why should they listen to you and open your emails daily since there's tons of other peoples lists?

    If you email them once or everyday and all you do is pitch something, wouldn't you get off the list? You need to email people the right way and they love to hear from you. Email people wrong way, they are running off the list.
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    Sending frequency is a much debated topic.

    But it really comes down to how your email list reacts. Try testing out different frequencies and see how your click-through, conversion and unsubscribe rate changes.

    That’ll give you a good indication of how often your list wants to be contacted.
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  • If I send you hypey sales-pitch after sales-pitch once a month, it won't be long before you unsubscribe.

    If I send you an email every single day telling you where I've hidden another $100 bill just for you, you'll likely stay subscribed.

    Frequency is irrelevant. It's the value the content adds to your reader that matters.

    Everyone is busy, but if you give them something worth reading, they'll look out for it.
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