What would you do with an opt-in email list of 6,447 people?

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    the first question is how you built an opt-in list of 6500 in 3 weeks, especially in a niche that has limited at best solo ad options.

    the answer to your question probably lies in your list

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    It is truly amazing how you built your list in such a short time particularly in this niche as mentioned before. The answer may lie in how you built your list in such a short space of time. Are they really targeted to your niche market? There are a lot of factors you need to consider cause your low sales maybe due to a lot of factors, like the offer itself, its type or pricing, whether you exposed your offer long enough to give your audience a buying decision etc. Take your time to investigate because you truly have a good email list size that can turn out to be a gold mine for you.
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    I would agree with the other posters. 6,447 subscribers seems too many in such a short time, leading me to believe they are not valuable subscribers. I could of course be wrong, but seems an unusually large number. I think you need to test the list with a few offers to see if they really are interested in your niche.
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    If you built the list by giving something away, then you may have a high proportion of "freebie-seekers" who might not be responsive to paid offers. As the others have said, if your product and promotion copy is good, but not converting, then it means your audience does not match your offer,


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    Maybe there is more money in that list if you use i to sell solo ads?

    And as they other said. How did you get so many subs and what cost?
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    How did you build your list?

    From seeing your plan it's not a bad approach...maybe your issue is you're not selling it properly.

    Try this...

    It's a concept known as Results in Advance.

    You basically send out videos to your list that give away a small tip or trick they can use to get results.

    At the end of these videos soft pitch the product..."If you liked this tip on how to add two inches to your vertical, make sure you check out XYZ which shows you more workouts and innovative exercises you can use to gain 10-12 inches on your vertical in just a month"

    This video covers Results in Advance in further detail:
    Hope that helps!
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    You can ask what they want with a survey in my opinion so you can know better what kind of products they would be interested as well.

    Since they sign up to your list, they would be interested to your offer in some ways right, so you just need to know that before hand.

    Very interesting stuff buddy, keep us updated
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    Well, for starters, why do you need to hard sell? You don't, especially in niches like this.

    Secondly, you are giving your subscribers waaaay fewer chances to get to know and trust you. You can draw conclusions after you send them about 10-15 informative, trust-building emails, but not earlier. Some may argue that it might take even longer.

    Also, what are your open-rates? If they're low, it means you've done something wrong to begin with.

    I think you need to give us more details before we can come up with some meaningful suggestions.
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