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Hello all,

I have opt ins in my Getresponse acct that have not confirmed yet. I was trying to find out how often do you send the reconfirmation email, so they will become a double optin?
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    There maybe a lot of factors why they have not confirmed. One my be because they did not see the confirmation emails maybe because it went to the spam folder, or it was buried in the many emails they may be receiving in their inbox, or they have not been reading their emails for a while etc. There is nothing wrong in re-sending the confirmation email, but before you do i suggest if possible its better you first find out why they have not confirmed or else sending another confirmation email will just be a waste of your precious time...
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    Yup I agree with felisitie to make sure the reason they don't confirm the sign-up. Sometimes it is because the deliverability of the email service, so if you re-send it again it won't help.

    If you want to solve the problem once and for all, in my opinion just use single optin and clean your list if they don't open your email for some time.
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    I had the same kind of problems with GetResponse. Search for "getresponse bounce rate" to find other threads here in this forum. I posted the link but it got deleted by the supervisor, whatever.
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