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As you already know, the fasted way to make money online is to build a list of subscribers...

Today I'll show you another easy, fast and effective way to build your email list by sending solo ads.

Here's how it works:

To profit with email you need a list of subscribers you can contact and send offers for products you are promoting.

The way I build my email list is by promoting my squeeze page. All you need to do is to create an email announcement with a link to your squeeze page and send it out to some of the lists shown below.

Whenever someone visits that page, and enters their name and email address, they will be added to your list instantly and they start receiving your autoresponder emails with your promotions and offers.

It's a simple, automatic and effective online sales process.

100 clicks - $50

soloacarol100 clicks - $50 http://soloninja.com
100 clicks - $39

WOB Marketing100clicks - $65

soloacarol100 clicks - $50

100 clicks - $55

Joni Leung's Best Quality Solo Ads | Joni's Internet Marketing Blog100 clicks - $50

Solos | Solos Adds100 clicks - $55

chrisfuchs.com100 clicks - $50

Solo Ads
100 clicks - $55

Solo Ad Sale - Colm Wynne100 clicks - $ 40

SOLO ADS | High Quality SOLO ADS For Sale! www.AngeloSayson.com100 clicks - $48

david-hyatt.com100 clicks - $65

Solo Ads & Sales Funnels100 clicks - $55

PremiumSolos.com - Premium Quality Solo Ads
100 clicks - $89

Gail’s Solo Ad Page »100 clicks - $45

Premium Solo Ads That Convert!100 clicks - $50

100 clicks - $55

Igor Kheifets Legendary Solo Ads | Get Started With Solo Ads Entirely Risk-Free!100 clicks - $109

"Mr CRO" Presents ...100 clicks - $72

SOLOS - Joseph Latham

100 clicks - $50

100 clicks - 55$

solo ads |100 clicks - $42

Superman Solos | High Quality Superman Solo Ads For Sale100 clicks - $45

Contact Solo Ads100 clicks - $60

100 clicks - $52

Bargain Solo Ads!100 clicks - $40

SOLO ADS CLUB *****100 clicks - $50

Let Me Help You Get The Traffic100 clicks - $50

Super Solo Ads100 clicks - $40

The SoloSquad - Make money, Not excuses.100 clicks - $50

Fast and Affordable Solo Ad100 clicks - $40

Index100 clicks - $40

100 clicks - $70

Tony Anwar | Living the Dream…100 clicks - $60

Top Quality Solo Ads For Sale, High Quality Responsive List - Leading Industry Top Tier Quality Clicks ? The Best Solo Ads100 clicks - $90
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    I recognize quite a few names of those listed above.

    Here's a hint for anyone trying out solo ads from that list...

    The most responsive traffic tends to not be the cheapest.

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    Thanks to OP for making this list!
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    SoloAds marketing can be tricky. You have to realize most of these solo sellers will give you free offers traffic. You have to pass them through a funnel to get some sales out of it. Getting direct buyers is unlikely or rare. So doing it right matters
    BulkResponse.com Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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    Didn't see a link in the original post:

    But this is a good spot to find a ton of people who are selling solos:

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    Facebook is often a great place to start. Not necessarily to buy right away, but to see who is producing sales.

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