Starting My List Building Journey - I Need Help Please!

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Hi Warriors, I have been much in freelancing services for a while now but need to go back to fulfill of my special goal this year...and that is building quality and targeted email list.

But honestly Am finding it so difficult right now. I have leadpage account which i can use to make squeeze pages in no time..I also have a brand new aweber which don't have any list yet. I will also say that I have advertising budget for PPC ads and other traffic generating.

Now my main challenge now is TRAFFIC and GETTING Optins. I have picked niches i will like to build list on...Not MMO niches. And have load my autoresponder with follow up messages but the List are not coming yet. My target is getting 100+ targeted optins daily.

I heard from many here how Facebook ads helps in list building. I have run Facebook ads since last 4 days now via news-feed ads but no optin still up till now. I have just paused the ads now just getting pissed.

I really want to build huge quality and targeted list this year..I know I supposed to have started since but not too late to start now.

So Warriors, please I need your contribution to this. I need to know the reliable traffic source for my list building. Or any other traffic sources and strategies that has been helping you build targeted email list.

Am really ready for this and really need this now.

Thanks all.
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    Give you thanks because this is the topic which makes me crazy in this month.
    A little advice to you that you should learn how to target right on Facebook ads before you run it.
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    Try to see how others in your niche get traffic if it seo, social, ppc - then learn it and do it!
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    If Facebook Ads doesn't work for you, you could try PPC with Google or Bing. But are you sure Facebook Ads is the issue?

    What I mean is, it could be the settings you used for the campaign. Paid advertising requires some testing until you find what works. Or, if you are getting targeted/interested people to your page and no one is signing up, the issue could be with the page.

    If that's the case, even if you switched to a different paid advertising platform, you may run into a similar problem. So, another thing to consider is the page itself. Are you providing an incentive for signing up? If so, is it catchy/appealing? How is the page layout? Is the signup box clear? etc.
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    The question is, what is your offer to get people to subscribe? Does your offer match your target? Would they be interested in your offer? How do you know? Are others marketing this kind of product? Does your offer page have persuasive copy to convert visitors into opt-ins?

    All things we don't know from your post.

    Most of the time, when just starting, you have to tweak and test all of this over and over and over again. When I was starting, I had the same problem. It took several weeks and many, many, many tweaks, plus an entire new offer to get opt-ins at a pretty good rate.

    Keep trying!
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    your subscribers can make you or kill you

    treat them wisely
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    Solo ad is the way to go. It is the fastest and most consistent way to get subscribers. I and many others use and can vouch for it.
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      I'd leave facebook ads alone for a while and do solo ads and adswaps first.
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    If you want to increase the size of your list instantly by little effort then non other method is useful as compare to Soloads.

    I’ll share with you few best places where you can easily acquire Solo ads related to your niche.

    If you are looking for cheaper options then try these

    If you want to generate massive traffic and make money from your blog. Must Visit Etutorialblog which make it easy for you to learn online through video tutorials.

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    i also want to have an email list for affiliate marketing, but i don't know how to collect them
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    You can collect email ids by buying them which I do not recommend as there is no guarantee that they will be valid or you can create a squeeze page with your lead page account that you already have which is the best option.Put in all information into this page about your product and also provide free videos or free information (freebies ) to the people who register so that you can maintain a good relationship with your opt-in list.
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    My opinion is, most solo ads are crap. I've heard you can find some good ones, but after many, many buys from many many people, I haven't found any solo ads that give me quality traffic.

    I have several lists in several niches and I started with solo ads, and consistently got about 5% open rates. When I started another list, I build that one with Facebook traffic and consistently get a 25% - 30% open rate.

    That test says it all.

    I also have to say that solo ad traffic isn't all bad, but do get decent opens you have to build your list a lot larger.

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    Alot could go wrong in your campaign....

    Wrong copy

    Wrong offer

    Wrong audience

    Wrong channel

    We won't know until you give us your ad copy and the opt in page.

    You should also tell us how much you spent running the campaign.
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    Some points to consider while promoting on facebook.

    People does not what to be sold or market. They like to know.

    2. Your ad must not be in a way that you are selling something.
    3. It must be in a way that is informative in nature.
    4. Photo on ad must be too engaging or genric not selling something.
    5. Is your message is matching to your offer what your offering on your ad on facebook.
    6. Is it good enough to make somebody crazy to click on it.
    7. When somebody click on it then they go your landing page or squeeze page, does it look like just a crap or more looking professional landing page. Close your eyes and give a look on your landing page does it appeal to you. Replace yourself in place of people then give a look on your landing page.

    8. Your message on your landing page. Does it really congruent to your ad or your offer that you are promoting front end or back end.

    9. Give something valuable for free on your landing page related to your niche or offer.

    10. Don't just pitch for sale. As I already said nobody wants to be sold or market.

    11. Clear call to action on your landing page. Such as Get Instant Access, Sign Up, Know More etc.

    12. Finally keep on tweaking and tracking your campaign and know what works or what not. Keep winning campaign and remove losing campaign.

    13. Finally have faith, believe and strong. Really this system works.

    I hope this will somewhere help you.


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    Your big issue is one of driving traffic.

    There are basically two ways to get traffic: PAID and FREE. However, even "free" traffic is not really free because it is very TIME CONSUMING.

    Of course, you can't really scale free traffic either, so if you want to quickly build a list and scale when you get good results, then I would concentrate on paid traffic sources.

    For PPC, Bing tends to be a better value than Google. Facebook has the targeted demographic info, but tends to be very expensive. Also, FB is very hostile toward the MMO niche, so if you are in that niche, I would suggest you stay away. FB is better for selling things and NON-MMO info products.

    A lot of people are having success on 50OnRed,, and These are the big traffic networks where a lot of those selling solo ads are getting their traffic for pennies and passing it on to you for .50 to $2 per lead.

    I would suggest finding the wholesale traffic brokers that can get the leads to you inexpensively. Of course, this requires a lot of analysis and detailed learning in a very specific skill set.

    Hope this is helpful,

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    You can easily grow your list from buying solo ads on Udimi and from the list swaps on Safe-Swaps. In both cases you will get quality leads as all bot traffic is filtered by their unique and high quality bot/fake traffic filter.
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    how is you progress ?
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    Originally Posted by Infonet View Post

    Now my main challenge now is TRAFFIC and GETTING Optins. I have picked niches i will like to build list on...Not MMO niches. And have load my autoresponder with follow up messages but the List are not coming yet. My target is getting 100+ targeted optins daily.
    We don't know what niches you are in.

    There is no reason FB ads won't work for list building...if your ad and your offer are congruent and your niche actually want you've got.

    Why don't you approach list owners in whatever niche you are in and try to negotiate a solo ad mailing?

    Whatever you do you are going to have to keep testing.

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