Your Experience With Solo Ads

by W450
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Hey Everybody, recently started growing my list with niche related solo ads... think its too early to make a judgement yet but was hoping to get some feedback from the forum on your experiences with solo ads and how they have helped your list, thankyou.
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    What niche? Not knowing the specific niche you are in makes it hard to recommend!
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    I think solo ads is one of the best way to grow your list. But selling to your list will depend on your relationship thereafter.
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    your experiences with solo ads
    It's a crap shoot, with a lot of crap.

    I suggest you track everything thoroughly and buy small tests to start. Just because you get subscribers means nothing. You have to track results through your entire follow-up.

    Fake solo clicks and extremely low-quality clicks are the majority. You have to do a lot of testing to find quality vendors. Most newbies lose money with solos simply because they don't know how to judge the quality of the results.

    Proceed with extreme caution.
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    just go to facebook group and pages of solo ads

    see people selling n buying solo ads

    the admin are helpful there
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    is there any reputable solo ads seller in WF ?

    i would like to try solo ads also but don't know who to hire for this
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    Solo ads are a great way to build a good list but be careful there are a lot of cowboys out there selling rubbish. Test the waters with some and see what you get. Just start off with a minimum amount to see what the return is. Most of us have had our fingers burned in this.
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    Much more efficient ways to drive traffic imho but dependant on niche.

    If you're going with social media traffic here are a couple to get you started:
    - (nice one for content promotion)
    - (networking involved to grow your following)
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    Solo ads are fast! Back a few years ago it was a little easier but today there are so many vendors out there you need to screen them first. Not all solo vendors are going to even perform at all!

    Thats why we need a budget. Say $500 or $1000 this month just on solo ads! The idea here is to start small and work on building yourself a list of vendors that gets you the results your looking for. Like any other part of marketing there is an optimization process that we need to do to get the numbers we want.
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    solo ads is not just buying clicks from others

    join the business ..its so awesome
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    The issue I found with solo ads is massive recycling. New vendors create their list by buying solo ads themselves which they then sell to you.

    Be darn sure that the list has been making recent sales for other people, otherwise you must consider it unresponsive no matter the opt in rate.
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    buyers list and thank you page list

    this is a must
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      Originally Posted by najibsuck View Post

      is 1.5k for coaching enough ?

      i want to learn solo ads for advance level
      this is cheap ..if you ask me ...go for it
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    fellow warriors ... how much is too much for coaching ?

    2k for solo ads coaching ?

    can someone share experience ??
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