Email Marketing is by far the simplest and easiest way to make money online.

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In my opinion it really is the simplest and easiest way to make money online.

A month ago before i enrolled in an email marketing course I always thought making money online was hard and impossible. This is part of the reason why I never took the time to really get in to it. Secondly i always thought to myself there are too many scammers out there with get rich schemes to rip you off and get you to buy their products.

So instead i continued building websites for family members, friends and small businesses here in The Bahamas. After a while I though i found it very time consuming and demanding, so I began searching for new and simpler ways to earn an income online. After spending hundreds of dollars on e-books and products that just weren’t working a friend of mine introduced me to an email marketing course that changed everything..

After going through the course I was like wow!!!

My eyes were finally opened. I thought to my myself "No wonder why just about every site you visit online there is some kind of pop-up or form asking you for an email address".

It all began making sense to me. Building a permission based & targeted email subscriber list and emailing that list EVERY SINGLE DAY with strategies and products is the key to success online...

Every business or individual who want to be successful should be building a list. Its that simple... Emailing has been working for decades.

It works now, It will work tomorrow and it will continue working forever...

If you want to be successful online. Start building a list today.

"This is just my 2 cents"
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    Nice post, completely agree. I was also a web designer but have switched to email marketing and it's way better & less time consuming
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    Email marketing is not difficult. It’s cheap, effective and probably one of the easiest ways to earn money online using emails. Regardless of what you may think email marketing has had it’s ups and downs, but decades later, it is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing online. With a simple email and a few clicks, you can reach old, existing and new clients with offers that not only convert, but also ensure that they keep coming back to you for more. It is all about how you phrase your emails, and the kind of relationships you have built with your customers and their interest. It’s just that simple. For those looking to foray into the lucrative field of online affiliate marketing, below are “3 easy ways to earn money online using email marketing” and relationship building.

    How to get more views on Youtube video?

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    I concur.

    And the thing is, it goes way beyond just making money.

    It's the best brand builder.

    It builds prestige better than anything.

    It can help you establish relationships that last a lifetime.

    It helps you poll your end users. Interact. Build massive authority.

    All the while, pitching anything that you want.

    And, you can be totally cool. A lot of people misinterpret this as being "spam', or 'unethical; nah, not if you're super cool to your subscribers.
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    If anything, email marketing is more powerful than ever.

    - More people have emails today than ever before.
    - People check their emails more frequently than ever before.
    - People receive email notifications on their phone.
    - People have become more comfortable with paying for transactions online.

    This all adds up to a perfect storm of marketing potential.
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    i have been doing solo ads for these past years

    all i can say, email marketing works but you need to know the process
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    Email Marketing is becoming one of the best marketing techniques these days and they attract more visitors and convert them into leads. If properly utilized we can get a steady client base for any business.
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    I cannot agree more! Email marketing is the best source of advertising especially due to it's approachability and it's scope of advertising.Once you have a list you can be in contact with your potential clients as well as you can put in all the information they need to know about your product or service in your email campaigns.
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    First of all, you need a huge amount of subscribers. Where can I get those subscribers?
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    I completely agree but the key thing to remember in email marketing is that the money is in the list.It is undoubtedly the best source of advertising due to it's approachability and it's scale of advertising.
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    In email marketing, properly segmenting your targeted audience and nurturing the same by sharing relevant information can help to increase the engagement value and also help to improve the conversion rate.
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    I will agree with you! As for me, it is very good advertising! I know that email marketing has a lot of advantages! One of them are: used appropriately, email represents a way to reach potential and existing customers in an organized and targeted way, global developments, immediacy, and numbers! Of course, very important thing is not spamming! Such viral can be filtered and it will not efficiently for your business and for your time!
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