Benefits of Email Marketing

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What are the benefits of Email Marketing in promoting a business?
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    Email marketing is a very popular method of adevertising among different industries and companies. And it has many benefits, such as:
    - low cost;
    - target fans of your niche of business;
    - segmentation;
    - calls to action;
    - easy to create;
    - easy to track;
    - easy to share;
    - global;
    - immediacy;
    - return on investment.
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    • What then will the the simplest and most effective email marketing system something which could easily be used by a newbie?
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        [ What then will the the simplest and most effective email marketing system something which could easily be used by a newbie? ]

        Most popular email marketing services (GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, etc.) are actually quite newbie-friendly and very reliable. I recommend one of these.

        The cheaper ones out there are the ones that are not as user-friendly (you know, generic offerings, un-intuitive interfaces, weak technical support, etc.). They make up for this by offering the customers a higher ceiling for the number of subscriber per plan. There is a trade off here, so it's up to the customer's preference.
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    Hello..Email marketing is right now the most important channel of marketing products or services for 2 main benefits:
    By having squeeze pages you can easily get hold of opt-in email ids of subscribers which is like winning a lottery as they are all definitely interested in your product.

    2)Scale of advertising
    Emails are more professional and reliable compared to SMS or other means of advertising due to the detailed information you can furnish therein along with links to all that you want your potential clients to know,see and feel about your product or service.
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    There such benefits of email marketing which are helpful for promoting a business:
    - email marketing helps to increase your sales while sharing different information about various products or services;
    - mailing can remind about the all the updates of your business;
    - it helps to preserve your regular customers;
    - it defines your expertise.
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    The ability to promote as an affiliate every product that launches in your niche. You can send an email: boom! hundreds of sales in a few hours. Writing the email tho, is art.
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    All marketing fundamentally boils down to an ROI equation. Since emails are so cheap to promote the ROI is going to be there, the only question is, will you put in the time or resources to capture it?
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  • It gives you a personal and firsthand approach of targeting audiences who are already interested in your niche. Plus, there are bigger chances of conversion especially since you have a direct overview of the activities of your audiences upon reading/or not reading your mails.
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    The biggest benefit is being able to develop and build a relationship with your recipients. Treat your list with respect and give them good information or else you will find your list won't deliver. Don't abuse the relationship you built.
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    You can retain your visitor and build a relationship with them then you can market and recommend effective products that will help them
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    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    The benefits of email marketing are
    -you have the ability to communicate with our customers and prospects on their own turf
    -build relationship with new visitors before turning them into customers
    -safety, reliability and ownership as you own your list
    -build an asset in your business
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    Promoting a business through emails marketing can be beneficial to increase your ROI.

    Kindly go through the benefits:
    1. Low cost per email
    2. Segmentation
    3. Easy to create and share
    4. Monitor and Track email open and click rate fo better targeting.
    5. Increase in ROI
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    1) Pay Once – Market Forever:
    Unlike many other forms of advertising and marketing, this approach is very cool in that you only have to pay for a lead once, to get the opportunity to market to them repeatedly for free. Whatever the cost (time or money) it took to get them onto your list, you will be paid back tenfold over the course of your relationship with these people.

    Full step by step email marketing guide

    2) Works in Any Niche:
    We can promote and make money within any niche, but the beauty of email marketing is that y
    ou can cross promote relevant products continuously because you have an ongoing communication with your prospects. If you have a prospect on your list that is interested in weight loss, you can also promote gym equipment, physical products like the “George foreman” grill, and any other products remotely related to weight loss and general health.

    3) It Can Be Completely Automated:
    Once you have leads (prospects) coming into your system, you can set up a funnel that sells your products on autopilot. With the technology we have at our fingertips today like autoresponders, we can set up an email campaign to go out to our list automatically. All you have to do is set it, and forget it. Now and then you can send a broadcast message to your list about any immediate updates you feel they should know about.
    Helping Companies Showcase their business Free & Find Marketing Tools for Business & Social Media Mastery
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    Here some benefits of email marketing:
    - cost effectivennes;
    - reach anyone in the world;
    - simple measurement;
    - easy to use;
    - social media integration.
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    With e-mail marketing you can reach huge number of people in just a span of time.

    You don't have to splurge large amount of money.

    It's the simplest and most effective way to reach people.
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    You could easily reach your target clients.

    The inquiries would be a lot easier.

    Also, it costs lower.
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    - develop good relationship with your prospects or customers
    - low cost
    - consistent results
    - don't need high tech skills
    - easy to setup
    - ....
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    Email Marketing has the following benefits:
    - Low-cost
    - Approach target customers of your brand
    - Easy to call to action
    - Clear segmentation
    - Easy to create - to track - to share
    - Quick speed
    - Return on investment
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    ]Email marketing is the most powerfull, direct, efficient way to promote your offer, let' see together some stats, the period is between 2013-2016

    Worldwide Email Accounts (Million) 3,899 (2013) 4,116 (2014) 4,353(2015) 4,626 (2016)
    Business Email Accounts (Million) 929 974 1,022 1,078 1,138
    Consumer Email Accounts (Million) 2,970 3,142 3,331 3,548
    As you see you have huge market to promote, you have only to decide only on the niche to dig into.
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    Sending traffic anywhere you want, updating people of your latest posts on your blog, selling products through a sales funnel, etc. Email marketing is used to build trust by sending valuable content via email.
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    Email Marketing is the best platform to reach your targeted audience and convey your message which will definitely help to increase the conversions. Currently, eCommerce industry is taking advantages of such platforms for sending abandonment cart reminder, product replenishment emails, referral emails, lead nurturing and more.

    Most of our customers take advantages of both email marketing as well as automated workflows, which help to improve their engagement value as well as ROI of the business.
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    I agree on everything that is said in the comments.

    But the most important power of email marketing for me is the SEGMENTATION.

    What people generally do is to promote the same offer over and over again. Let's say 5-10% of your prospects were interested and bought the product.

    Another percentage may be interested in another topic or product.

    One prospect would be interested in List building for example, and the other is creating an online product. You can identify the interest of the prospect and create offers just based on his interest.

    This is powerful.
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    Originally Posted by aditi23 View Post

    What are the benefits of Email Marketing in promoting a business?
    Email Marketing is about as close to having a ATM in your business as you can get IMO. And I also agree that indoctrination,segmentation, and ascension are some of the priority factors for me in my own email marketing strategies.

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    I find it interesting that a person starts this thread by asking a very simple question, gets lots of thoughtful and informative answers but then never shows up on this thread again. What is this all about? I find it odd.
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    Email Marketing helps develop trust between you and your subscribers. Think about your favorite restaurant. The one you go to all the time. In the beginning, you've never heard of it, but after giving it a try one time and trying the food there, you end up liking it - and then you go back for more. Eventually, over time, you buy more and more. Email marketing is like that - everyone wins.
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    I wish you to know about the top benefits of email marketing:
    - Using email marketing will help you to increase your sales and helps to educate your subscribers about your products and services;
    - email marketing is a great way for you for customer retention;
    - if you use email marketing correctly, you can your average order value;
    - helps to increase your offline sales;
    - helps to get honest feedbacks about your products!
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    Originally Posted by aditi23 View Post

    What are the benefits of Email Marketing in promoting a business?
    It's one of the best ways to make money because you can use it to automate and leverage your business while staying in touch with your customers over and over again with very little cost.

    I would focus on the basics to be able to create the income you want with email marketing.

    Basics include:
    • Puting the right offer in front of the right people.
    • Creating an automated system for capturing and closing leads.
    • Lead generation strategies so that you grow your email list with buyers which you persuasively communicate with over and over again via email.
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    People tend to be familiar with the ones they have communicated with before. Email marketing serves as the tool linking the sender and receiver of the mails to connect each other.

    Actually, email marketing also acts as the way creating the rapport between these two parties. That eventually leads to the trust and indirectly impact the potential prospect deciding to buy the products/service offered later.

    So, this is how email marketing is still the main element for business purpose.
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    Originally Posted by aditi23 View Post

    What are the benefits of Email Marketing in promoting a business?
    Email marketing, once you've build your most important asset (your list), is like a money printer.

    It serves as a relationship and trust builder. Once you master the art, only sky is the limit!

    It's also one of the best ways to get traffic to your website fast and consistently!

    Tune into my new Podcast "Affiliate Marketing Secrets Radio" ==> HERE

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    - It's simple and it's straightforward. Anybody can do it at whatever time.

    - It permits you to take out the expense for outline, testing, executing, and sending printed pamphlets.

    - A client can track client by means of investigation, skip messages, un-supporters, click-throughs, and so forth.

    - Direct mail is moderate. It can take anywhere in the range of 7 to 10 days to get a reaction. Email Marketing however has a reaction in anyplace somewhere around 1 and 3 days, or prompt when you're taking a gander at online deals.

    - You can focus on a particular group of onlookers in view of topography, age, wage, or whatever suits your requirements.
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    Let's say you've got 5,000 people on your list.

    How long would it take to speak with all these people on the phone?

    Weeks. (And that's presuming you get hold of them all.)

    Now compare that to how long it would take to "speak" with the same 5,000 people by email. You can do it in 20 minutes by writing your email and pressing "send".

    Plus, people get to open your emails when they're ready and in the "right" mood. The odds of catching someone in this same mood when giving them a phone call are very, very slim

    That's why email marketing is so damn amazing.


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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  • It reduce overhead costs and provide more frequent communication.
    Also reduced time & efforts and better ability to track sales and user engagement.
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    Increasing Customer Loyalty And Profitability
    -Deeper relationships drive profitability
    -Email is an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships
    -Send newsletters, promotions, new service announcements or event invitations
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    any drawbacks of email marketing ? or are there any other good ways for marketing online ?
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  • - Easy to communicate with lots of people at once.
    - Writing emails is easy.
    - A list of subscribers who care about what you're doing is your most valuable asset.
    - People are more likely to keep their email address the same long term than social media accounts.
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    Benefits are endless but WHAT are the cons of not having a list?

    70% of the users abandons the site in the first minutes without buying anything: so if you dont grab their mails, you are wasting money and time.

    If you dont have a list you cannot have an ASSET: what is an asset? is something you can rely on wich produces a stream of income. With a list you can have pretty reliable statistics of how much you sell with a promotional mail, depending on the size of the list and how u nurture the leads.

    If you dont have a list you cannot monetize with Solo Ads: even if not anyone are fan of solo ads, im a fan of it. The lists can be monetize without selling anything, it has an intrisic value, the more clicks of your subscriber you can deliver, the more you can earn, using portal like udimi or clickonomy, or fb's group of solo ads sellers.

    It's AUTOMATED: you can set as much longer as u want of pre-written emails' sequence, so you can have sales etc, without trading time for money.

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    A few benefits of email marketing.

    Email is a cheap high ROI marketing channel. ( Email marketing has a 3800% ROI. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI)

    Email is a direct channel to your customer that enables you to build strong relationships by sharing informative content. Informative content is sharable content which raises your authority and visibility. (Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.)

    Speak directly to your audience with email personalization (Personalization increases click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%)

    Segment your lists to deliver highly targeted messages, improving engagement and conversions. (Segmentation increased open rates by almost 19%, and click-through rates by almost 22%.)

    Email campaigns are easily trackable using such metrics as bounces, unsubscribes, clicks, opens etc.
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    Email marketing is one way to get quality link that's why a lot of site owners try this kind of promoting your page to related niches. It is cheap yes but the return of investment is definitely high if done properly and if your campaign is effective. There might be some trials and errors along the way but it is worth the wait.
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    Email Marketing is effective because:

    1. Email marketing provides highest ROI than any other Digital marketing method.
    2. Most cost-effective way to reach your target audience.
    2. Presents an opportunity to create a relationship with a potential or current client.
    3. Create brand recognition
    4. Emails are easy to track with the ability to see stats such as click-through rates.
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    Hi Aditi,
    Great question!
    Email marketing is full of benefits only if you are following the right steps in developing it. Some of the most popular benefits of email marketing are:

    Allows you to reach your subscribers and prospects at the fastest pace.

    It is the most cost effective marketing channel that will not create a big whole in your pocket.

    Great ROI!

    Allows you to check the health of your email marketing campaign like email deliverability rate, open rate and click through rate.

    It is the only marketing channel that considers taking the permission of the prospects.

    Creates a healthy bond with your subscribers in the long run.

    Allows you to target customers based on their past behavior nad interest.

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    From my experiance i think it`s 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media and for only a few pennies.
    Email can drive traffic to your storefront or Website.
    Driving More Sales Conversions, everything can be tracked.
    See who clicked on certain links and much more.
    Growing the value of your customer relationships while also converting new prospects can be a tough challenge.
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      It also said that every $1 spent on email marketing will earn you $44. It offers the best conversion rates than any other channel.Through Email marketing you can drive sales, traffic and brand awareness.
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        There is anti-spam legislation in most of the developed world these days. To get around this you simply create an offer such as a free e-book for anyone who signs up on your email list. It is ok for you to email the person with any marketing etc because the person is an opt-in, they have opted to receive the information. It is essentially free marketing, and for a long period of time, as people tend not to change their emails very often.
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        Originally Posted by contatarbrasil View Post

        It also said that every $1 spent on email marketing will earn you $44. It offers the best conversion rates than any other channel.Through Email marketing you can drive sales, traffic and brand awareness.
        I didn't know the return was that high, but a $44 return is very good!
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    For me email marketing has a lot of pros.The first of them is reduced time and effort. The second one is its low cost and in the third I can name easiness to create emails and to track them
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    Well, nowadays email & marketing automation is the best source to promote business online. It is a very effective advertising method to send details about your business and business service to many users at a time. Also, you get good results in few days.
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    Basically by email marketing you can promote your business in targeted countries and you don't need to do search engine optimization ("SEO") to promote you product/business and this is easy way to target your audience.
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    The biggest benefit which I see is that you get traffic on demand without paying for it. Plus a list goes a long way to provide a substantial income every month.
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    The #1 benefit of building an e-mail list is stability. If you don't have an e-mail list, you lose your traffic and you have nothing left. With an e-mail list, you can keep your business going indefinitely.

    Publish your digital course at We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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      The main benefits of email marketing process are listed below it is a low cost,target potential customer,easy to create,easy track,easy to share,it gain the profit.
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  • Who ever told you that just picked a random number.

    Industry standard is said that a responsive list has subscribers that yield $1-$4 per month per subscriber.

    That is totally just a guess as well.

    You can't actually guess beforehand what kind of money your list will make even if you have been marketing to them for 3 months.

    You have a month average and a 3 month average and you can split all that down as much as you want but it doesn't tell you what kind of profit you will make the next day off of them.

    Someone could buy a big ticket item worth $5000 from you when your best month beforehand for every subscriber was $2000 for the whole month.

    Concentrate on adding buyers and responsive subscribers to your list and before you start trying to get thousands upon thousands of subscribers learn how to email market or else it's just a waste of a list.

    You need to have them engaged as much as possible from the beginning to each subscriber as profitable as possible. If they haven't opened a email from you in a month then you can bet the next one you send out they wont open either.
    Old account here: ----> 'ryanmilligan' was about time for a change up!!
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    On top of what others have already mentioned, no single entity controls email that is why it remains fair. What I mean is Facebook (and YouTube, and Google, and Snapchat, and Viber, and WhatsApp) might change its policy (and it does, contstantly) and completely change its marketing landscape, email will always be simple, straightforward, and in service to its users.
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    You can connect with your audience any time you want, show them any thing you want. I guess thats the biggest advantage of email marketing.
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    Email marketing is the best and fastest way to reach your audience/customers. No website or Seo needed and no fear for any Google "Panda" update whatsoever.....
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    There are no of benefits of email marketing, As many guys suggested above. As I can say, it is and will be the main source of marketing. So I strongly suggest it to use everybody and keep collecting subscribers list from day one.
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    Building a list seems to be one of the biggest ways to to make money but is not they easy to gather a list I've been trying for a while
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    Email marketing solves all the inherent issues of non-targeted marketing. Gone are the days of placing an advertisement on television, on a diner placemat, or in a periodical with no control of who will see it. With email marketing, you have the capability to control exactly who sees an email by segmenting your contacts based on their lead status, demographics, location or any other data.
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    Email marketing certainly has a lot of advantages.

    For me, the primary advantage is that you reach more customers and you get to build a relationship with them.

    Other benefits are:
    You can track sales and conversion
    Target a certain market
    Personalize messages
    Control frequency and time of messages
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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