by nachoz
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i want to learn about gmail filter and tools to pas inbox plz
#gmail #inbox #plz
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    OK, what do you want to learn?

    please be a bit more specific


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    I want to know on what basis the gmail inbox pass filter for what is on field or what?
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    and what are the mehodes for us to spend inbox
    thank you very much
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    i can help but i need some informations
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    usually to pass gmail filter you should modify (Return PAth in ur header ) use somoene with good reputation and verify the link in body mail it must be not blacklisted dont use short links like or .....
    send Pm to give youu more details
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      is that all
      return path ans short link
      there is no strat├ęgie ?
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    The ignorance of some people never fails to amaze me on this forum.
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    Best Strategy is to build a good sender reputation - configure you email server with the proper authentication, follow the postmaster guidelines by google. If you want to bypass some of the spam filtering, you need to sign up with certification companies like ISIPP and, they have relationships with a lot of the major ESPs and Spam filtering companies.
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