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I am looking for a service (paid or free) that will allow me to send automated mails.

What I mean by that is that I want to prepare, lets say 5 mails that will be send to our customers in different times after the purchase (or added to the list).

For example:

A customer purchase a product: First mail

A week after the purchase : Second mail

A month after the purchase: third mail and so on....

Right now we are selling on eBay, Amazon and Ecommence site. I am looking for a service that will allow me to add new customers mails to our list and start the automatic mails.

Do you know any service that allows to do it?

Thank you!
  • Hi,

    Our site currently runs in the same way like the one you are asking about, if I am not mistaken. Currently, we are using Mailchimp. If I get it right, you want three automated emails that will send during these intervals considering that they already purchased a product from your site.

    Let me ask first, do you have a thank you page for the purchase? How do you track your purchasers?

    If you happen to use Mailchimp and you already have an email list of people who purchased your product, you can set up your emails in Automation >> Select a list >> Choose your workflow if this is an Ecommerce retail setup or a custom event workflow, etc >> Workflow configuration >> Design your template >> Take note of trigger (where you will setup the delay of sending), Segment and Action >> Confirm.

    Hope you find this useful!
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      I like Mailchimp too .....
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    There are many autoresponder systems that can send sequences of messages. The biggest are probably Aweber and Getresponse, but there are plenty of others. Most will offer free or very cheap trial periods to start your membership,


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    What you are looking to do is create a simple autp responder.
    GetResponse is going to have much better delivery then you will find on AWeber.
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    yea i too like GetResponse
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    Any Autoresponder can help you do this in a very simple and easy way, I can even do this using a free Autoresponder(Listwire).
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    You can use mailchimp, getresponsem, aweber ect
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    The best advice I could give regarding autoresponder services is use many seeds accounts to track your in-boxing, Don't assume all your mail is going to the in-box.
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    Hello Moshe,

    Checkout our "Drip Marketing Automation Software", you can set "n" numbers of drip email to your campaign which can be automatically received by customers as per your condition (after 2 days or after 1 month).

    Firecart even offer various features like Abandonment Cart Reminder, Product replenishment, Time tracking pop-up, Exit intent pop-up, referral marketing and more.

    I hope this will help you to decide which tool will be best for your business.

    We are offering 30 Days Free Trial, Do try our software
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