Problems with Email Marketing and very bad results

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I am doing email marketing in Germany. Since a few weeks I'm facing the following problem:

Sending emails to about 50,000 recipients brought us between 25 and 35 leads (with remarketing). (about 3 times we had those numbers).

Now with different agencies we had 3 attempts and the results were very bad. About 1-3 leads were the result.

I think that the email template has been optimized compared to our first 3 successful attemps.

Better Images, more personalization, more links. But the results are so bad, there is something odd here.

When requesting the stats it came out that the click through rate is extremely low. The ctr is about 0,5 % which is very low (ctr, not click rate). Normal is between 3-5 in our niche.

We are not able to find the mistake. The agency says "everything is ok".

Did something here ever face a smiliar problem?
Where to begin if over 90% of the leads are gone?
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    In last few weeks, many of mails going to Gmail Spam box. This is happening for many of email marketers.

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    Do you know what kind of e-mails the agency is sending to? How and where they obtained them? If the quality of the 50,000 emails is poor than no matter what you do your results will suffer.
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    since last week ...all email marketeer suffers

    google is hunting down
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    Well 50,000 hits from most of these "agencies" means basically no sign ups - a really useful list of 50,000 wold cost a serious amount of money - for example a typical solo ad would cost say 50 - 80$ for 100 signups - yet this is worth far more than 50,000 hits which produce nothing. My suggestion is forget this source and focus on sources that are targeted to your niche and worth paying for.
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    Start building your own list. Those huge lists are getting hammered non stop especially those owned by agencies. Also I doubt they have the lists segmented by niche.
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    Build your own mail system, and will retain the highest conversion rates possible.
    List building 2.0 Made easy
    pursuit of passion, success will come
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    what if you check your marketing strategy?
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    Without knowing what your niche and seeing emails there is no way to conclude what went wrong.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    my own thoughts.

    you did the hard sell.

    i have learnt valuable lessons over the years, if you GIVE first, then SALES come later.

    but you do not have to take that from me, read any sales or marketing books from the GURUS out there, they will put their hand up and say the same.
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    Originally Posted by checkerxx View Post

    Better Images, more
    personalization, more links. But the results are so bad,
    there is something odd here.
    Your email subject lines may have been weak (so people
    didn't click to open the emails).

    The content of the emails may not have targeted the mindset
    of the people to whom they were sent - the content may not
    have appealed to the readers.
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