Need Advice: Forex Marketing UK - Global

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Hi All,

Basically we are looking to ramp up our Forex marketing/ Client aquisitions, expert help/advice is required

We need to generate more new accounts with our IB. We are a 100% neutral execution broker. So we automatically mirror your trade in the underlying market, so we never stand on the other side of your position, plus unlike other IB's all our clients deposits are covered no just up to £50K but full amount.

Ok guys who can you recommend for email, social marketing be it solo's, pop-ups, mail outs whatever etc to get decent converting traffic.

We want to work with genuine marketeers in the long term, and will pay fast and offer bonuses for results as we have tried numerous companies " that say we can get you this blah blah " and charge but never deliver that has cost us $/£1,000's

Any of your advice is well sort.

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