A Simple System For success

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Here is a simple but effective system that you can try and please tell me what you think.

What I am talking about is email marketing

The first thing you are going to need is a auto-responder you can get one through getresponse and they give you a free trail plus with this they will host your opt-in page and also have templates for opt-in pages.

Next you need to research a niche that you would like to go into the 3 biggest are health, wealth and relationships.

After that you are going to create a 7 day course on that same niche that you reserached in step 2 to make this easy it could be a collection of youtube videos or you can also outsource this as well on e-lance or guru.com. This course is going to be your free giveaway in exchange for there e-mail address. Once you do either have the video's from youtube or have someone create them you can make a simple website on weebly or any other free website service just create a new page for each video you will need 7 of them and these will get added to your autoresponder.

Next you will have to create you opt-in page in get response make sure you have a great headline and we already made a valuable gift to give out for free. Now we just need some traffic for this you can use Bing, Facebook ads, clicknetwork.tv, solo ads, youtube.

Remember when you set-up your autoresponder to have your thank you page have an affiliate link so it takes them to an offer after they enter in there e-mail address.

Also once you get your list built up broadcast offers to your list this will help boost your income.

That's pretty much it feel free to leave replies and tell me what you think.
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