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Do you have an email list?

Are you on FB?

Or Twitter?

Or Snapchat?

If so, how often do you tell your list members you'll give them a bonus if they follow/connect with you on social media?


has some rather interesting ideas, like:

"Trick #1: Blast emails to your list. -- Instead of asking your friends to follow you on Snapchat, send emails to your list and let them know the benefits they are going to receive when they add you on "Snapchat". REMEMEBER: The more reasons you give your followers, the higher your chances to get them to follow you on Snapchat."


But the point remains - try to get your name out wherever your customers might be.

#cross #marketing
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    Very cool Barb. I have never offered my list a bonus for connecting with me on other social platforms, but I do often put links to content on my other social platforms and get lots of people subscribed to me on multiple platforms.
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  • I like the trick one as it's something I really haven't placed all my thoughts into. Should come in handy in my strategy Thanks.
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    Thank you for these tips! Let me tell a defination to those who don't know what is croos-marketing. It is a partnership of at least two companies on the value chain level of marketing with the objective to tap the full potential of market by bundling specific compoetences or resources.
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