How to start email marketing

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I am interested to do email marketing but I don't know how to start it, kindly help me.
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    1. Learn about the basics of email marketing on YouTube or Udemy

    2. Get a free starter account at MailChimp.

    3. Create an autoresponder, a series of automated emails on MailChimp.

    4. Create a squeeze page (or a landing page) on your website.

    5. Get the form from MailChimp and put that form on your squeeze page.

    6. Get traffic to that squeeze page.

    7. Whomever submits their name and email on your squeeze page will now receive your automated emails.
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    The first thing you should do is go out and find some courses about email marketing. Once you get a general overview from the courses that you read...You will naturally know what you will need to learn next.
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    Don't be interested ..... be hungry!!
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    You need to learn and understand the basics of email marketing. This entails the terminologies associated with this niche. Get familiar with the rudiments. Spend time on the forum. Watch videos on youtube on how to's and with time, you will start getting familiar with some terms and how some things are being done. Then feel free to ask on the forum some specific questions and people will be more than willing to be of assistance to you
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    Familiarize yourself with e-mail marketing. There area lot of blogs where you can learn. Also youtube videos do great on tutoring about e-mail marketing.
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    In order to start an email marketing, I suggest you to follow these simple tips and suggestion:
    - first of all you should determine your goals, which are necessary for planning your email marketing campaigns;
    - email marketing is more than sending newsletters;
    - plan a content your audience cares about;
    - choose the frequency you are going to contact your subscribers;
    - use the email template which is necessary for building email tools;
    - send and optimize your messages;
    - keep building your email list.
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    Great, I'm interested to get into email marketing. Gonna read replys.
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    Take your time and learn the specified basics of email marketing on youtube and also get yourself a free starter account at mailchimp.
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    First of all register with any email service provider and start collecting emails. Then send them some informative emails first and after that start selling your products.
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  • You must be dedicated to learn about it. You have to devote some of your time through learning about e-mail marketing starting from the basic up to the most complex one.
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    Look up Frank Kern and Ben Settle and follow EVERYTHING they teach.
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    1. Create your website with newsletter form. Promote it so that more people will subscribe to it.
    2. Provides updates for your service or product. You can use Aweber for this one. Not free but a very good tool for email marketing.
    3. Create enticing emails that your readers will surely love and clicks in your links inside your email.
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    Hello, I want to share with this actuality tips, so:
    1. Select email marketing service
    2. Get people to subscribe
    3. Make connections, build reletionship
    4. Introduce promotional messages
    5.Start Building Your Mailing List
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  • Start creating your mailing list first and then select the email marketing tools.
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    If u wanna learn email marketing then register with any email service provider and start collecting emails.And watch basic video of email marketing in youtube
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    Before you start you need Emails & For Email you need to put signup form on your website. Don't think to buy email address because is marked as spam so avoid this trick.

    After getting Email Address through sign up form you will easily use any of the email services like GetResponce, Mailchimp, Mailrelay & Many more. But my advice go through GetResponce...
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    Watching youtube videos and reading blogs is helpful if you really want to learn about e-mail marketing. This forum is also a great help. You can really find here a lot of useful tips.
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    Getting started in email marketing, you should first have your target market in mind. Know what is timely and relevant when it comes to people's wants. Have your creative and decision-mapped plan prepared. i also advice you to use lead magnets. Lead magnets are useful for getting visitor's emails. It would help you boost your email list.
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  • Also, you will have to take care the below points :
    ** Unsubscribe option in the email.
    ** Eye catching subject name.
    ** Nice and useful content.
    ** Target Audience etc.

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    "Just get started" definitely applies to email marketing as well. Even if it's just for your own blog, start building a list, creating great content, and pushing it out regularly.

    That said, building an expertise in email marketing really depends on the industry. There's a huge difference between Ecommerce (where effective email marketing must consist of a combination of newsletters and triggered emails like abandoned carts, win-backs, cross-sell email, etc) vs a software business (where email marketing has much more to do with classic B2B lead nurturing).

    To start to build that industry specific knowledge, I'd recommend finding companies you admire and start to pay attention to their email marketing. Supplement that with finding the email sending platforms that do best in each industry to learn what smart marketers are doing.
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    The best source of information is the Email Marketing sub-forum, i.e. right here!

    You can use the search function to get as mush information about email marketing as you want. Here are 2 threads that are relevant and contain lots of information and ideas.

    Do come back and tell us what you learnt and how you plan to move forward with it :-).
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    To learn email marketing passion is the key. You have to make friendship with google & youtube. There are many tutorials out there.
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  • What is your niche ? It really depends.
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    Originally Posted by davidjonsxdcf View Post

    I am interested to do email marketing but I don't know how to start it, kindly help me.
    What is your business niche and what can you offer if you do email marketing?
    How established is your business?

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  • I suggest you use Anik Singals approach in this Circle of Profit book.

    He teaches you how to get setup, what 3 emails work best to convert leads, and how to earn instant profits when someone joins your life.
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  • Well, you can follow these tips to get started with email marketing:

    1. Get familiar with email marketing: You must get familiar with basic email marketing terms, techniques and strategies. Then analyse which one can work for you based on your niche.

    2. Built an email list: To start email marketing, the very first thing you're going to need is a mailing list. You can build one through opt-in forms, or by introducing giveaways in return of emails addresses.

    3. Design: Your emails should be well designed, having a combination of images, videos, Call to Actions and little text. Well because no one is going to read those boring emails containing all texts.

    Read more benefits of Email marketing on Quora
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