Free Email Lists - Useful ?

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I'm using email lists which I have build over years and still building ...
But every now and then when I research an email in Google and these websites come up
like ( can't really use links here because the admin doesn't like it even if its to illustrate a case ) but you can just google email list dot net or downloademail .

For most of my projects ( B2B) those lists would be useless. But for general Services / Products if there is such thing this might work ( with extreme small opening rates )
if thats even trackable, because a regular email marketing / newsletter provider like mail chimp or constant contact wouldn't even let you import those lists .

Did anybody try it? How would you even send the emails out?

Would like to hear you opinion .
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  • You could always upload those emails into Facebook as an audience and then you could just create an ad that drives them to a landing page where you could find out if those people (emails) are people interested in your topics.
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      Originally Posted by FunnelMarketingPro View Post

      You could always upload those emails into Facebook as an audience and then you could just create an ad that drives them to a landing page where you could find out if those people (emails) are people interested in your topics.
      @FunnelMarketingPro wow .. great idea. Have you have done that ? In what file do you have to import the emails and then export to FB .( I thought they have to be in an address book ).

      Wouldn't be it be easier , more efficient to target an audience with their interests ?
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    Free Lists and email marketing should never go in the same statement.
    These files would be filled with tons of invalid emails and would be littered with spam traps.
    This will kill your delivery almost instantly and not allow you to build any kind of reputation with the domains you are attempting to deliver too.
    Good luck!
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    @ProducerK sounds logically ! ( ahah.. the way you start your post off sounds like you said it when you took the profile picture lol)
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    For the record as well, uploading email lists in bulk that you did not generate yourself into facebook is not really an effective way to use this data either. i have tried it and had mixed results. If you have your own very targeted lists, exclusive stuff, its highly effective.
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    Sure, I'm well aware of the importance to build a list of your own and know where they are coming from and what their interests are. The majority of my contacts have been involved actually conversation or at least in some kind of relationship. The have decent opening and click rates for their industries. My question was just about these lists ... I keep seeing these open/free lists and was not sure what people are using them for and how affective they could be and how you can even us them if you can't import them in an email client . So Facebook made sense when it came up , but they are so random vs . the actually Facebook accounts are so specific with data ( what people like , where they live , .. interests , demographic .. gender occupation etc. just perfect which you could never get out of an email address .. so I was not sure why somebody would import a ransom list. )
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    Depending on the campaign, the free email lists or traded/bought email lists work.
    Like for example many PPC promotional campaigns which does not have any direct sales content.
    If the subject line is catchy and the email content generates curiosity in the reader, the click rate is quite high.
    I have done it and have seen damn good results.
    But if you have a direct sales campaign, i would not recommend this method.
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    I would be extremely cautious of anything you can get for free off the net. The likelihood of it having massive spam traps / undeliverables is pretty much 100%.

    There's plenty of data that exists that can be purchased, where users have given permission to receive 3rd party messages, that messing with such is nuts.

    I monetize purchased data(email) for a living, been doing it for over 16 years.

    I buy fresh/targeted data that I know what the users are interested in and that a PPL offer exists that matches their interest. I generate real time co-reg that targets specific PPL offers. I also buy aged data, but it's a bit more involved and you really need additional tools/resources.

    In case you don't know what PPL is, it's Pay Per Lead (lead generation offers). They are the ideal way to monetize data, because they are free offers, no credit card is required / nothing to buy. All a user has to do is fill out a form to make money.

    Ao I do what our asking about, but I don't waste my time with trying to find free lists and they really would be a waste of time.
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    From the majority of this feed back about free/open email lists on the net, I have learned that they are pretty must useless unless like @DIABL0 describes with alot of experience set up with a PPL Funnel .

    I'm still curious hot you would be able to send the email about. What client/service would you use . Where can you even import hose masses of emails? ( With out prove of content ) . @DIABL0 What do you use ?
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    Build new list from them. Just setup a squeeze page and promote the squeeze page to them. The new signups are now natural and you will get much success with the new list.
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    Agreeing with the statements above. Free lists are crappier than poop itself.

    I recommend you take the time to build your own with good quality traffic
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    Simple but SUREFIRE approach: create a Custom Audience in Facebook Ads, expand by creating Look-alike Audience, and target them for your ad campaigns.
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    Agree with DIABL0 and ProducerK, getting anything off free from the Internet is going to do more harm than good. You need to essentially know that these lists are basically scraped from all sorts of sources and there are going to be spamtraps.

    Regarding the infrastructure its better to get a VPS for yourself and take it slow initally with these lists and later scale it up. But the best method would be to buy lists and run campaigns on them than rather use free lists and lose money and the services you choose to send emails!!

    Email Marketer

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    Highly doubt it, the list needs to be responsive and targeted

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