Email Marketing going seriously horrible for me. What's the problem?

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From March 27th till today I have collected over 700 people in my 2 lists in self-help niche and I send out broadcasts. 2 days ago I sent a broadcast which resulted in 1 complaint. Typically someone who was too lazy to unsub. Few days before this broadcast I sent one with a clickbank link and when I placed it in follow ups legacy just to see my spam score, it was TEN. Contacted both Aweber and clickbank, both said there is nothing they can do... What the. Anyway, I was like okay since I can't promote anything ill still continue with broadcasts and then one of them happened to have 1 complaint in it. My next broadcast had only 20 opens out of 700+. I emailed AWeber and they said it is because I received a complaint so now my emails are filtered or something.. I heard so many people say this was the best way but I have spent more money on email marketing than make any. So what was the point of building the list now that AWeber can basically suspend me if I get 2 more complaints. They dont even send my emails anymore. Plus with a spam score of 10 on all ClickBank links.. Can't even promote anything. Honestly, this is me speaking out of frustration because I had to come up with money for my rent soon.. What do I do?
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    Originally Posted by Gina Heer View Post

    Plus with a spam score of 10 on all ClickBank links.. Can't even promote anything.
    According to MxToolbox, the domain name clickbank dot net (included in your affiliate links) is blacklisted by Spamhaus ZEN and another blacklist.

    Most probably this is the reason for getting that spam score.

    Try this: hide the affiliate link using a URL shortening program and see whether your spam score is better.


    P.S. A word of caution: be sure that the domain name of the URL shortening program you choose isn't blacklisted
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      Originally Posted by Adrian Jock View Post

      P.S. A word of caution: be sure that the domain name of the URL shortening program you choose isn't blacklisted
      One way around this is to use a domain that you own (that's not blacklisted) and set up a redirect on it. It keeps your spam score pretty low, but it may be a problem depending on how much traffic you're running to it. Also, some users will NOT wait patiently for a redirect, so you may have higher click rates than actual traffic you're sending to Clickbank. But it is another alternative if you need a URL changed.
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    I quit putting affiliate links in emails anymore for this and many more reasons. What I do is start talking about something in the email and then add a link to continue reading. This link takes them to a page or post on one of MY sites. I then continue the story and recommend the product. The affiliate link is on the page I send them to.

    This gives me more control over things and let's me give the reader a better experience.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Do what Rob said.

    Write up a PDF that gives great info for free based around your offer. Then make your offer in the PDF for the same reasons Rob relayed.

    Free eBook =>
    The Secret To Success In Any Business
    Yes, Any Business!
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      I liked your answer. Why? Because you are giving something away for free and if you do not want complaints, give Shhhhzzz away and say something positive. But mostly - give stuff away. Sending once a day is not enough- send two and three times a day. Morning then at 2:00pm and at 8:00pm-9:00pm.

      Free should be in the title or today's headline... Put something shocking... ie. Boyfriend took my RedHead, I got the kids!

      Get free information about my micro video

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  • If you get problems somewhere,you just change the service provider,doesn't matter if it is for email marketing or something else
    Same rule is for girlfriends/boyfriends too hehe
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    Even, I recommend changing your service provider and experiment using other services. I also liked the idea of Rob, not putting any affiliate link in an email.
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