How much does email marketing work compare to social marketing?

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Reach time for the email marketing is higher or social media marketing is high...
which is higher...
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  • It really depends on what you focus more.
    It is like asking are the diesel cars faster than benzin ones.
    If you build strong list with emails will be better than ordinary social media marketing.
    It is vice versa.
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    Originally Posted by kushaljain View Post

    Reach time for the email marketing is higher or social media marketing is high...
    which is higher...
    I kindly beg to differ. You can only make that conclusion when you have mastered the art of email marketing. If you have not mastered the art, it is not impossible to send an email broadcast and get an 0% email open rate not to mention the CTR if there's any link within the email.

    Whereas, it is possible for someone that understands how viral post works on the social media to make just a post and the post goes viral.

    Some people are utilizing the email marketing because it is working for them and some are stuck with social media marketing because it is working for them.

    For me it depends on the level of the experience of the individual which of course determines the effectiveness of the system
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    Hello! I can't really conclude what is best for you because it actually depends on how knowledgeable you are about the medium you are going to use. Base the effectiveness of each from your experiences and from other people's experiences.
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    Social media is hyped up, a lot of people lose lot of money promoting their business on social media in order to get leads and generate sales, but soon they will find out that their building on a rented land.

    Never waste money on something that is not yours, your Email list will be yours forever, no one will take it away from you... plus you can make money multiple times from the same list subscribers.

    In short, Email marketing is far better than social media in terms of generating revenue and ROI.
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    Social media is most helpfull for your business ,It's helps to grow your business relation.Social media service such as facebook ,twitter helps to familiar to your website.Email marketing compare social media service to sent mail and search people
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    Email Marketing FTW, definitely include this into your business model.
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    I use social media marketing to build my email marketing business. Works great.

    Rob Whisonant
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  • It depends on the nature of business. Email campaigns are more effective than social network campaigns.
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    I think they serve different purposes. Social media is amazing because you can contact anyone, anywhere, almost immediately. YOU can reach out to THEM. But my experience has been that it's very, very difficult to get BUYERS from social media. It's easier to get buyers from email marketing, but it takes more time to build your list.

    For a brand new business with no real presence, I would say use social media to promote your opt-in for your email list, but close sales with your email list.

    With all that being said, your mileage may vary. It depends a lot on what you're marketing and who your target audience is. Younger audiences seem to be more likely to buy from social media and also a lot less likely to use email regularly (or to give out their email addresses in the first place). So I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all answer.
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  • About 60% of the internet marketers we asked told us that they believe email marketing outperforms social media.

    The other 40% told us that email marketing and social media are just different. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Email is in general better at driving traffic and direct conversions and social media - with engaging with your audience.

    Let's explore further the strength and weaknesses of each channel:
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