do people still buy email lists

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I used to buy them years ago and filter the rubbish emails
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    Yea, some niggas in Jvzoo sells their buyers list. You wouldn't want to miss it would you?
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    I have been monetizing purchased lists for 16+ years.

    These days so much with the big ISPs is about engagement and segmenting is really key regardless who it is your mailing to. Depending on the quality of the data you have to start with, it's a stepping stone. server/ips -> smtps/autoresponders -> enterprise esps. No matter what your doing, you need to be segmenting your openers/clickers as they are the most responsive and you use those openers/clickers to move up the sending platform food chain. Along the way your going to have some collateral damage, but that's just how it is.

    It still works, you just need to know what you are doing and do it the right way.
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  • Yes! I've found a very useful couple of resources where you can do a little talking with the list owners and get further details about their buyers lists.

    I don't benefit from sharing these resources with you, I'm not an affiliate of either.

    Found a cool resource too as far as SoloAds are concerned:

    Hope this helps you or atleast provides value.
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    Purchased email lists are a great way to reach more of your target audience and keep your pipeline full of potential customers.

    In order to effectively email your purchased list, there are certain aspects you’ll need to consider (such as, the sending platform).

    Clickback is one of the few platforms that allow sending to a purchased email list. Feel free to check out our website!
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    I would like to share here a list of reasons why people should not buy email list:
    - reputable email marketing vendors do not let you send emails to list you have bought;
    - good email address lists are not for sale;
    - people on a purchased or rented list actually do not know you;
    - your email deliver ability and IP reputation will be harmed;
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    Yes, a great many contacts are a charge card swipe away, however, your email promoting program - a basic part of a balanced inbound advertising technique - will truly endure. Inquisitive why purchasing email records is a true blue email advertiser's kiss of death? Perused on. In addition, we'll give you a rundown of squeaky-spotless and viable approaches to your email promoting list in lieu of rundown purchasing.
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    you should try optin db
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