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Hi Warriors.

After many years of reading what feels like a thousand threads on this forum I feel extremely thankful and in debt to those who have shared their past experiences and knowledge. For this very reason today I am writing this to inspire those who are looking for a way to make an $150-250 a day online whether its to have some extra cash every month or to become a full time online entrepreneur. I hope this method helps you like it did for me.

To begin I do want to state that this is not a push button method. You will have to put in the work for this method to work, but if you do you will definitely see amazing results in as soon as 24hrs. The more you work the more you can make.

The Method: In short, we will be contacting local businesses via email and offering a service for $$$.

Step 1: Choosing a Service

There are many services that you can offer to local businesses. You want to pick a service that doesn't take you over 20 minutes for you to personally complete. Time = Money. A few of my favorites that have worked well for me in the past are:

1. Rankings Report (a report that shows exactly where they place for different terms on google)
Recommended Price: $39.99
2. Competition Report (a report that shows exactly how their competitors rank on google, gets the business an edge over competition)
Recommended Price: $39.99
3. Vulnerability Scan (a report that shows a business its weak points on their websites, helps to prevent hacks)
Recommended Price: $59.99
4. Social Media Likes (likes on FB, Youtube, Instagram)
Recommended Price: $29.99
5. Google Reviews (helps gain more customers and can improve rankings of their website)
Recommended Price: $49.99

Now if you don't know how to provide any of these services, do not panic. Simply go to and use the search bar, you will find plenty of people that offer these services for only $5. When a customer pays you, head over to and pay $5 for the job. POCKET THE REST. $$$$ ALL DAY LONG.

Step 2: Set Up

Purchase a domain. My personal recommendation would be (I have no affiliation with them, just my personal preference) if google some coupons you can buy a domain for as little as 99 cents.

Set up WordPress on your site.
(I am not going to explain how you set up a WordPress site since there are thousands of videos online to explain and teach these steps, I would much rather focus on the method. )

Create a simple 3 page website with a Homepage, Sales page (or service page), and Contact us page. You can create a one page WordPress site but the 3 page site will always look more trustworthy in the eyes of your buyers.

Step 3: Create PayPal Payment Button

In order to get paid directly from your website, create a PayPal account if you do not already have one and create a payment button. This way you are instantly paid for your services.

In order to create your button:
1. Login to PayPal, select the Merchant Services tab, then click My Saved Buttons under Tools and Settings.
2. Click Create New Button in the Related Items group.

Step 4: Collect Business Emails

First Google the business that you want to target

Ex: Dentist New York

Visit the first 10-20 dentist websites that pop up in the search results.
On each website that you visit go to their CONTACT US page. Most of the websites you visit should have some type of form that you can fill out which is meant to be for inquires or quotes. Fill out the form or contact the email that they have provided you with on the contact us page, as an interested customer.

Ex: I am looking to get my teeth whitened for an upcoming wedding. How much would it cost for a first time teeth whitening and what is your current availability for the following week?

Make your request seem legitimate and specific to the services that the business provides. DO NOT go around to all business simply asking "what are your prices?" because that can appear like spam or a bot and you won't get many responses.

Rinse and repeat with different searches until you have contacted at least 200 businesses. ( I would recommend doing this step early in the morning time, around or close to opening time of any business )

Once a few hours go by the majority of the businesses you contacted should have responded to your request. CHA-CHING. The email that the response comes from is the email that you want to save. You will notice that about 90% of emails will be coming from a different email then the one provided on the website or the email that you contacted originally. This is GOLD. With small to medium local businesses many times the emails that respond are the businesses owners or someone who has the authority to make important decsions (like purchasing our services)

Step 5: Send Out Your Emails

After collecting a good amount of business emails send out your services to each business.

Take the time to write out a good converting email that explains your service. If you are not experienced at email marketing you can always hire someone on Fiverr for $5 who can write a decent converting email template for you.

I recommend aiming for a service from $29.99-$49.99 in my experience these convert the best.

Step 6: Get Paid

ENJOY YOUR CASH. Like I stated earlier the harder you work the more you will make. If you have a good email template you can see about a 3-5% conversion rate. This has been my experience when I was ding this full time.

That means if your service was priced at $49.99 about 100 emails could results in $150-250 a day.


-Do not try to collect emails of big companies, these companies are a waste of time because they hold a big budget and have resources to get these services provided by someone already working for the like a SEO, social media expert, or a security expert.

-Local services work really well with this method. Ex: HVAC, ROOFING, PLUMBING, CLEANING SERVICES,

-Collecting the businesses emails as explained above will filter out any businesses who lack the interest of doing right by their business. In other words, any business who does not reply to your request or emails is a business that will only waste your time. Your customers are those who care about their businesses and want to be successful in it, those who respond to your request are the perfect candidates and that is why this method works so well.

- BE CONSISTENT. If you do this everyday, you will make sales everyday. You can't expect this method to work if you do not put in the work.

-You can automate this method. Go to Odesk or Freelancer and hire someone to contact all these businesses for you. 1-2 hours can collect anywhere from 100-200 emails a day if you put in the time. Hire a worker to do this for you as it can be the most time consuming.

-Use an autoresponder to save time. Instead of sending out hundreds of individual emails just send one email a day with an autoresponder.

In Conclusion. This method was $$$ for me for many years, it still works today. Get creative and collect emails daily. This method works especially id you are consistent. I hope you all enjoyed this guys. Cheers to your success!
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    A bit old method. But it might still work.
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    This is so wicked. Thank you so much for this post! I am super new and I am already finding awesome value in this community! I'm in the process of creating my own site right now to begin trying this. I love the idea, thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

    - L
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    Appreciate the effort. Interesting way to collect their emails. But having their email is not consent.

    Still could work in some places, in my country people don't buy much online. Does it have to be a local company?
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    Interesting method
    Make Money, Don't Let It Make You
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    Am I setting up a WordPress site for each... or ALL of those services I want to render?
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