Using a video in squeeze page campaign - the pros and cons

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A squeeze page and a landing page are one and the same, with the main purpose to squeeze information out of visitors so that they provide personal info such as an email address to assist with lead generation. Whether it is called a landing page or a squeeze page, there is absolutely no difference, it all comes down to a difference in terminology.

I was recently asked by a client to develop content for a squeeze page, and they wanted the page to have nothing more than an animated video, and this made me start to question if this would be a wise idea. After being a massive fan of the traditional landing page with short, sharp content and clear CTA's, would a video be enough? Can all the pointers be effectively provided without the dot points of benefits, sharp sentences and punchy CTA's? I must admit, I wasn't convinced.

Here's my thoughts, however, I'm interested in what the WF community thinks as well.

What makes a great landing/squeeze page?

This is all debatable however I believe some of the best features of a landing or squeeze page are anything that winds up getting you the subscribers you are looking for. After all, this is the whole goal.

A landing page needs to be incredibly effective in enticing the visitor to share their information; you only have one page, and they need to bow to your wishes and enter their email address so you can start the lead generation customer life cycle.

Some great tools that can help create sign ups for landing pages include free courses provided via email, complimentary eBooks or White Papers and possibly free subscriptions for 7 or 30 days (whatever suits your product or service). As well as this landing pages can be for an exciting, new and innovative product or service, and often people just want to be ahead of the game when it comes to new innovative technology, so your exciting offer for your visitors could be the opportunity to be the first or one of the first to lay their hands on an exciting new 'something'.

Squeeze Page Developer Tools

While you can get a web developer to create a landing page as you would with any other website, there are tools available online which can create squeeze pages for you.

Methods for developing a squeeze page are:

DIY landing page - via a web developer that understand the importance and layout of a landing page, Ask them if they have made them before, if not find someone that has. Take a search through WF for some posts on what should be included in a landing page as the format is slightly different to a standard website.

Squeeze Page Generator - there are quite a few squeeze page generators available on the web, it is a case of reaching and finding what suits your needs. You could create one without knowing HTML; some options are outlined below. With most things I would ask around what your colleagues have done, and this is probably the best way to make an informed decision.

Plugins for your Wordpress site - there are plenty of plugins for your Wordpress site if you do a search. The plugins can create and track landing pages, add sign up forms and also develop squeeze pages for your Wordpress site.

Video & Squeeze Pages

Ok, now we are getting to the crux of my point, what's the best way to use video in a squeeze page?

The client asks for a squeeze page to all video. Personally, it needs so many more pointers. However, the client is from the direct marketing industry and knows their audience.

Video and multimedia are engaging, that is undeniable, and they do capture a visitor's attention as they can provide an additional layer to the landing page process and can rope in the visitor. They do need to be easy on the eye to view and not in your face, in this case, it was an animation and a very charming and sweet one at that, so it did work well.

Here's my suggested layout to optimise content and video in a squeeze page:

Choose a colour scheme that works with the brands - in my example, we added a colour palate that was easy to view and had a fair bit of white space. The branding for the company is quite simple, so thankfully this was easy enough and matched well.

Pick or create a page design that incorporates video - we created a layout that offered content and video in a balanced format. We needed to keep the bulleted features and provide content with clear CTA's so we had this on one side and video on the other.

Add in your sign up form so that is balanced with the video - what every type of opt-in form you use be aware of the layout and choose something that balances with the text and video. Additionally, keep the forms to a minimum and don't add in 10 million forms just because they are available if you need a first name and an email only, this is all you need to ask for.

Keep it all super simple - we had to ensure in my example that we kept it nice and simple, there was the risk that there was too much going on so this was something we needed to get around without adding too many bells and whistles to the squeeze page.

Add in an image of the product/service - in my example the squeeze page was for a website, so we could use screen shots, however if you have a tangible product include imagery either on the landing page or in the video.

Use the right language - this seems fairly simple, but you should make sure you use the right language to suit your audience. In my example, the target market were Millennials, so the language was a little cool and possibly more young than me (I'm of the Generation X variety).

Anyway, that's what I have got out of the experience, video can and should be used where possible however there is a balancing act, and you should ensure you continue to maintain the basic elements of a squeeze page.
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