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by xavo
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Hey there guys!

Me and my friends (we are five persons now) we are looking to build a work team of Emailing marketing to promote a CPA product.
We've read a lot of about email marketing, strategies and some CMS softwares, like aweber, getresponse, and mailchimp...
But my idea and because I have two programmers in my team, is to create our own Emailing application, then we will purchased a list 1,000,000 emails at least! Also we will need to have one SMTP server for sending emails(I hear that Send Pulse is good)

Maybe my idea is not clear yet, but I hear from my friends that a lot of Emailling companies in my country they are using the same strategy that I put +/-.

So warriors, I'd like to start the work with my team, but really I don't know how to start and from where? Can you help me please with any tips or advice?

Any suggestions are welcome

Thanks in advance,
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  • I suggest you to use fresh captured emails by creating a landing page instead of purchased list of emails.
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    The reason why people use aweber, getresponse, etc... is because they have shared IPs and you can piggyback off their reputation and hopefully get good delivery.

    Building or buying an app, which based on what you are talking about (sounds like an injector) in that it will have settings to define when messages need to be sent, but will require an smtp or mta to actually send. Having such can't hurt, as it can open up other sending sources. But ideally you still want to use sources that have shared IPs with good reputation.

    If you get into getting your own IPs, then you can mail much higher volume at much lower costs, but your delivery will not be as good across all domains, so it will be more about picking what you know you can potentially inbox the best, using a given set of IPs. However, do not go this route unless you know what you are doing. There are many BS services that say they offer you IPs, but what they offer will not last with purchased data and they aren't going to tell you this.

    When you get big enough, you will eventually figure out that different services deliver better to different domains. So if service X delivers best to domain Y, then load up on domain Y.

    In the end, with purchased data, it's all about collecting and moving your opens/clickers up the sending platform food-chain that's going to offer the best ROI.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    You can start your email company in a few steps:
    - draft a business plan for your email marketing company. This plan helps you stay on track during each phase of business development. It should contain at least 4 sections and include a description your business and the types of clients you want to attract, startup and monthly costs, licenses needed to run your business and marketing strategy to help promote your services.
    - purchase email marketing software or subscribe to an email marketing service to create and monitor client marketing campaigns.

    - create a website to advertise your email marketing company online. Include the features and benefits of hiring a commercial email marketing company, contact information, work-related experience, sample email, client list, testimonials of satisfied clients and terms of service information.

    - create a marketing strategy to attract clients. Join social networking sites to meet other email marketers and those looking to hire an email marketing company.
    -register your business to obtain a business license.
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