Is it possible to grow your e-mail subscriber list by 1000 in 30 days?

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In an article by Robert van Tongeren published recently , the author provides some guidelines on how to achieve 1000 new e-mail subscribers in 30 days. We ask, can it be done?

OK, he does start with a disclaimer of sorts, which does point out that not everyone will pull this off in 30 days, especially if they have no prior connections. However, it does depend on some variables such as:

⦁ The time you have to work on this
⦁ The commitment you have to working hard
⦁ The skills and/or talent you already possess
⦁ The popularity of your blog-topic
⦁ The experience or expertise you have on that topic
⦁ The money you have to invest.

If you lack in any of these areas, you can make up for it with the others (e.g. Lack of money can be made up for with time, and vice versa). But these are all factors that influence your ability to get to 1000 subscribers in such a short period. His estimation is that you'll have to work hard for about 6-8 hours each of the 30 days to get to 1000 this quickly. If you can't, these strategies will still work but you'll just reach that milestone a bit later.

OK, so read the article, it's interesting and well written, but just to give you a summary, here are the main points. To get subscribers, you need traffic, clearly to get 1000 subscribers in 30 days, you will need a lot of traffic in little time. More specifically, he goes on to explain that to get the result you're after, you should target the following two traffic sources: Paid traffic and endorsed traffic.

1. Paid Traffic - As the name suggests, this is traffic that you pay for. By investing some money, you can get in front of your audience much more quickly than if you have to build your audience from scratch. For instance, with Adwords, you can get the top spot in Google without putting the time into SEO. With Facebook Ads, you can get in front of people who expressed an interest in your topic, without putting time into building a social media following. Again, this is about getting subscribers fast.

The downside to Adwords is that the cost per click (CPC) can be substantial, especially if you're covering a popular topic. And setup and management can be quite time-consuming. Facebook ads on the other hand are quite easy to set up, and the CPC is usually much lower. And since you want to consume as little time -- and as little money, I'm guessing -- as possible, we'll be focusing on FB in this article.

2. Endorsed Traffic - You get endorsed traffic through social proof - by an A-list influencer endorsing you. This happens in one of two ways:

⦁ A-listers share your content on their blogs or social media accounts
⦁ You write for an A-lister's publication.

In either of these cases, the A-lister is lending you credibility. Their reputation and credibility rubs off on you. They wouldn't share content from someone they can't get behind, after all. Now, getting A-listers to share your content on their blogs and social media usually takes some relationship building.

The article goes on to explain how you can write guest posts for A-list blogs that get results.

So, having explained which sources of traffic to focus on, the article goes on to look at six strategies:
⦁ Phase 1: Optimize Your Content to Boost Your Opt In Rates (2 Days)
⦁ Phase 2: Research Popular Blogs to Discover What Your Audience Wants (5 Days)
⦁ Phase 3: Pitch Your Target Blogs With Audience-Tuned Headlines (2 Days)
⦁ Phase 4: Use Your Research to Create an Irresistible Landing Page (2 Days)
⦁ Phase 5: Promote Your Bribe with Cheap Facebook Ads (1 Day)
⦁ Phase 6: Write Your Stellar Guest Posts (10 Days)

The internet is full of advice on how to grow your e-mail list. No doubt some of them work and others probably don't, but here are some useful links you could try:

⦁ Discover the*⦁ simple formula*that explains how four powerhouse bloggers attracted almost 500,000 subscribers.
⦁ Then see what the other pros are doing with these*⦁ list building tips from 9 world-class bloggers.
⦁ Hear how Social Media Examiner*⦁ grew their list by 234%*using a simple pop-up.
Follow The Honest Company's lead*and use Google AdWords to drive signups.
⦁ Consult*⦁ Marketing Sherpa's chart*to discover the most effective list building tactics based on research.
⦁ Or use one of these eight strategies*⦁ backed by res⦁ e⦁ arch.
⦁ Dodge the more obvious pitfalls by reading MailChimp's*⦁ 10 common rookie mistakes.
⦁ And avoid these*⦁ 19 surprising list-building mistakes*too.
⦁ Convert more traffic to subscribers by*⦁ plugging these 3 website "leaks."
⦁ Make sure you don't miss out on these*⦁ 7 ways to attract more loyal subscribers.
⦁ Double your email list in 90 days by*⦁ using the Pareto Principle to get more from less.
⦁ Focus on just one social media channel and get 10 times more conversions -*⦁ just like ⦁ Quanticate⦁ did.
⦁ Share the list-building workload by getting other people to*⦁ happily build your list.
⦁ Design a high-converting opt-in landing page*⦁ by following these 35 examples.
⦁ Make sure*⦁ your landing page answers these four questions.
⦁ Try*⦁ using video on your landing page*to double your opt-ins.
Remove landing page friction*to boost your click-through rate by 173% and get more signups.
⦁ Get serious about optimizing your opt-in page by learning about*⦁ A/B testing.
⦁ Then test*⦁ these 23 elements*of your page.

Use Heat Maps to discover where people are clicking*so you know where to put your opt-in forms.

The list is almost literally endless but there are plenty of ways of boosting your subscriber e-mail list even if you don't manage to reach the 1000 in 30 days. Either way, some common sense and common courtesy goes a long way.
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