Better email marketing service than Aweber?

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Aweber has been a huge disappointment in terms of delivering emails and they have also banned clickbank links which have a spam score of 10 if you check it out and they don't even have a solution for it. Tried promoting the links in PDF but that's not giving good results. Could you suggest a service that wouldn't do this and costs around the same as aweber?

+ Also, can someone guide me or link me to a guide on how to maintain a list? I've had trouble of keeping my lists alive.

Thank you.
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    Hum... You can always stop direct linking Clickbank and build your own page as a bridge. This will let you have some kind of control: you can do retargeting for example, test optin rates, etc.

    In my own experience with and Aweber for example, I am getting a lot more emails delivered from Aweber than because Aweber deals with everything and with sendy you have to do everything by your own and with email marketing there are so many things that I think the better option is using Aweber.
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      But to create my own page, I would need to spend in hosting and domain I'm already investing in instapage and aweber for months without results because of this link issue so I don't really have any more to spend.
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        Hosting is really cheap & you could use a .tk domain that is free. Have a look at GVO hosting as it is for marketers & gives you a free autoresponder.
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    If you have instapage, you have your own page right? I think you have to explain better your problem with more than 4 lines
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      Okay sure

      I've been trying email marketing for months (since march) and have around 1,000 subscribers but I don't really know how to maintain it at all plus I can't even promote anything because of clickbank being blacklisted and emails being filtered.

      How can I work w/ instapage to promote my clickbank links? Because as far as I knew I can only make squeeze pages on it and in order to promote click bank products through email I would need to make my own website with a hosting and a domain.

      Up till now I've only been using it to create squeeze pages to capture emails and it works great. But haven't been making any money just spending it because of affiliate links being black listed. Tried the PDF method (to promote links in the pdf freebie I offer) but it didn't go well at all for me.

      I hope this helped you understand my issue. Thank you!
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    If you had your own hosting you could do a meta redirect. They way you are going about it is limiting your results as you have already seen.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Aweber is actually very good in terms of email deliver ability. You need to use a landing page though, and not link directly to CB product pages (it increases conversion rates too).
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    Have you tried Active Campaign?

    I've been using it every day to send emails with
    Clickbank aff links... no issues at all.

    They're a bit pricier than Aweber/GetResponse but in my eyes,
    are one of the top in terms of ease of use, deliverability, and especially

    If you're looking for a good alternative to Aweber that allows Clickbank
    links... I think you'll like Active Campaign. I'm a big fan.
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  • MailChimp is one of the popular options after Aweber. One of the reasons for mail chimp popularity is due to free account for initial 2000 subscriber and 12000 emails.
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    Hi Gina Heer,

    I would like to suggest one of the cheapest online email marketing software in market is OMEVO. Why should you choose Omevo? Here is the answer for your question! Omevo is cheap software & easy to use. 100% accuracy. Get offers on every service!

    omevo online marketing evolution

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    Get a cheap hosting or VPS account and redirect your links.

    Anyone sending email should be doing this anyway, so that you control your traffic.
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    You don't have to use Clickbank links, use a link shortener service (like this one

    It should do the trick.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    Have you looked into ActiveTrail? I have just started using it for several weeks and i am not disappointed.
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein
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    I am telling from my own experience that INTERSPIRE and Aweber is really good for delivering emails. I am using Aweber for a long time and it works well. I think we always stop direct liking clickband and build our own pages as a bridge.

    So I think Aweber is better for E-mail marketing

    I am an E-mail marketer.I will manage you both male and female E-mail lists from any area or any country all over the world.i can manage you real E-mail lists whatever you want.

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    You can also try MailChimp and GetResponse service for effective email marketing.
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      Originally Posted by shmm097 View Post

      Getresponse will be good for you.
      But if you choose GetResponse, go with a MONTHLY option. The annual plans are much cheaper but you can't cancel without invoking the Attorney General. So if you cancel after 3 months on a 2 year contract, they will try to get you for 21 more months. This is illegal in many states and wouldn't stand up if someone wrote to the Attorney General, and it's buried in their "Terms of Use."

      Copywriter & Online Marketing Consultant

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