Using video in emarketing campaigns

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Video will get your message across quicker than any content. It's engaging, quick to provide your key messages and an effective way to grab the attention of your subscribers.

Video messages offer a range of benefits for email campaigns including:
  • Improved SEO - online videos will usually improve your ranking on Google and will be more popular and get more attention and are more likely to be shared on social media platforms.
  • Getting your brand viral - you've all probably viewed a video which has gone viral.They are not always the most technical vids or have the most awesome content, some of the simplest videos will go viral, and you can tap into this phenomenon when you send a campaign embedded with a video.
  • Greater impact - videos include vision, sound and text, which is triple the impact as opposed to your standard eMarketing - which is a big opportunity for marketers.

But what's the best way to include video in your eMarketing campaign?

Sending video in emails can be a little tricky, and embedded videos can be super effective if done well, or fall flat if there don't work for the recipient.

For best results you might want to consider the following:
  • Use good equipment - while the content and message may be simple, you will want to ensure that you are shooting the video with good equipment so the vision and sound quality are top notch. You may also consider using apps which provide filters, zooming and other features as well.
  • Be punchy - don't waffle on, some of the best videos in email campaigns are short and to the point. Around 30 seconds to 2 minutes is plenty of time, your subscribers probably won't watch long videos so keeping it interesting, and brief is a great idea.
  • Test it before you send it - make sure it works across all social media channels first and foremost and secondly share it will honest colleagues who will offer constructive feedback.
  • Don't use autoplay - subscribers prefer the option to click and play when they are ready. Videos that autoplay are annoying, and if you have your sound up can be a little shocking
  • Videos can be imbedded in the email, which will mean they will show an image with a play button which is linked to a hosted site or the landing page of your website.
I won't go into the nitty gritty of the 'how to embed videos'. If you're looking to do this and haven't done it before, it's best to do a search of the email program you are using, whether it be MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft or others, and they will usually have blogs or step by step outlined of how to add videos to a campaign.

Best news is, you don't need to be a web developer to add a video, it is fairly straight-forward and can be done by anyone with an understanding

Video will enhance your marketing campaigns and will inform and entertain your audience and stand out from the standard emails and text in your subscriber's inbox.
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    Thank you for sharing such an informative post here. I absolutely agree with you that including video in email marketing campaigns is a great way to achieve deeper connections, to drive engagement, to capture a consumer's attention and influence their buying decision.
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    Thanks Hayley - it's amazing the difference video will make - have you used it in your campaigns?
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    Great points with how videos can boost effectiveness of a marketing campaign.Thanks for sharing. I use videos mostly on my site vs. in email. It seems that it's a great idea to include the duration of the video. If it's a long video, then it's probably best to break it up into smaller videos, i.e. Part 1, 2, etc.
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      Yes, totally agree re the length of a video - not more than 2 minutes ideally wouldn't you say? Usually after about 30 seconds I have made the decision either way to move on and check out more or not..

      Videos really do add to engagement. Do you use videos that do autoplay on your website? I'm interested to know what people and doing in this area. While I prefer to press play myself, I know some marketers have success with videos that auto start.
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    The only problems is most web mail providers block it. They started blocking it like 10+ years ago. I assume there are some email clients you could do this with, but my guess is the reach is tiny.
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    Agree that videos are very powerful.

    I think it's mainly because it helps you really stand out from the crowd. After all, loads of people/companies write emails. But how many film themselves speaking?

    There's something about talking into a camera which positions you as a real expert.

    Though it must be said, writing with a personality (as opposed to being bland and "professional") will also help you stand out and should make your email campaigns more profitable.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    I never tried using video in email marketing i surely use it and try now and let see how my list converts conversations any how thanks for sharing this in wf.
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    If you find that imbedding video is being blocked, or you are struggling to get it right, another alternative is to take a screenshot of the video (with the play button visible) and size it down to a size compatible with email clients and imbed that with a link to the video, so when the screenshot is clicked, it opens up the video for you.
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      Originally Posted by SendEmails View Post

      If you find that imbedding video is being blocked, or you are struggling to get it right, another alternative is to take a screenshot of the video (with the play button visible) and size it down to a size compatible with email clients and imbed that with a link to the video, so when the screenshot is clicked, it opens up the video for you.
      Yep, I have tried this and it works well. It gets around a range of road blocks too. Thanks for your comment.
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    I would think it better to send plain emails with links to your videos. If video messages are so good then why is it that no one is sending them


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    Yes, I agree video is a strong source for email marketing. I love to use those 'fake' play button video pics in my emails that lead to the actual video.

    Works every time
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    One of the best tip is

    talking in the mail about the video, then link it BUT

    in the page after the video, if the user will be intrigued with that, he scrolls and it's in fact a SELL PAGE.
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    Great info gingerninjas thanks for sharing!

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    Totally agree, video is the trending content at the moment, even in email marketing, we need to use them.
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