Recommendations for new list building?

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Hey, I'd love to hear some recommendations for solo ad swaps? I just signed up for safe-swaps and udimi and I'm not a paid war room member here so I cant post where needed apparently. Would love to hear some recommendations. My list is very small (about 50) but I'm building it up slowly. The more unconventional the idea the better!

... Also! Is it possible to get a solo ad to go out to ONLY their buyers list? If so where/how?
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    I think you should focus on you own list building, swapping with overly abused lists is not the way to go. Even buying solo ads in general is not worth it imo.

    Most marketers have separate buyers lists.

    You could create a product and contact people that launch products offering it for free to their buyers. This is a great way to create a buyers list.
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    Since you really can only swap with list of about the same size, you may get 1 new subscriber if you are lucky.

    Concentrate on building your list to at least 1000 before considering swaps.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Yes, definitely focus on building your own list before you do any swaps.

    Running paid Facebook ads is a very cost effective way of growing your list.


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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    That's right. Focus on building the list to greater numbers before ad swapping.
    Solo ads are the quickest way to go, but not guaranteed subscriptions.
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    Posting ads is the other way to go. Put up ads to attract people to your landing page.
    Paid ads are usually better, but if you don't have much to put in, then go for the free one:
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      Nope, I have not. But it is a proven way to generate leads. Take it from many email marketers out there, they use click ads to generate their leads. As mentioned paid ads would be better than free ones.
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      I have but the conversion is always very low! You do get subscribers. I bought 300 click and gained 90 subscribers.
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  • Use There you can pay for niche targeted traffic that you can send to your opt-in page.
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