Who uses Solo Ads to build their List?

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Solo Ads are list of owners who will allow you to advertise to their subscribers. When you do that, you're buying solo ads from them.

It's one of the most rapid technique to build an Email List and monetize it almost instantly after at least 500 subscribers.

There are lots of fb groups, skype groups and portal where you can find Solo Ads vendor.
Personally i use Udimi primarly.

Obviously you send an email to the list of the Solo Ad vendor where theres link of your opt-in page: with a freebie in exchange of the mail as usually.

Which will you use?
What's the average opt-in rates?

What do you think about this method?
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    I use to do solo ads but I have found that they are overpriced compared to the value that you get from them.

    I have sound cheaper ways to get traffic that converts just as well at a cheaper price. That being said...Most of my traffic comes from free methods that I have learned over the years.

    Ps. You will probably get a better price per click by simply buying a classified ad in the warrior forum for $20.
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    Many here do. Just don't expect to make money on the initial mailing. Solo ads are great for building your list fast. But you need to build a relationship with these freebie seekers and nudge then towards becoming a buyer.

    Rob Whisonant
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    I don't think solo ads are a good way to build a list
    Most of the time, these lists are abused and while can be responsive the conversion rates are usually pretty low.
    I would focus on building your own lists. You can pm me your skype if you would like more information on how to build these lists or want more information about email marketing.
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