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Selling to your community is at the top of the list, but nurturing them and providing them with something they can implement right away is a huge benefit
to you and your business.
Give something of value to your target market to quickly grow and maintain your mailing list. You gotta give if you wanna receive right?
Here are a few ideas on what you can give away to keep your community happy.

1. A free audio. Many people love listening to audios while they work. It’s much easier than reading.
2. An e-course or email series of useful tips & information. A series of messages will ensure your new subscribers stay on your list.
3. A video download. Videos are perceived to be of higher value than audio or written documents. It might be a tutorial or an interview.
4. A worksheet that helps subscribers solve a problem or learn something new.
5. A discount or coupon for one of your products. These are considered almost as good as cash, especially to those who have already thought about purchasing your product.
6. Free or discounted membership. You can even offer a limited time free, say for the first 3 months â€" enough to get them hooked on your product then they can pay to continue.
7. Tracking sheets (made in Excel) are especially helpful for those who are trying to do something that takes a long time such as getting fit, losing weight, eating properly, etc.
8. Tips list. You’d be surprised how many people love a large list of tips.

There are many more of course. What has worked best for you?
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