Is it a good idea to have a search box on an email campaign?

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I was just wondering if it is a good thing to have a search bar (functionality) as a part of the email campaign.
Is this 1. Good to have from the best practices of email marketing, 2. if yes, can this be made fully functional? 3. Are there any specific Pros and cons that I need to be aware of?

Any response will be very much appreciated

Thank you
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    I definitely don't recommend it.

    Keep your emails as simple as possible.

    Make them look as though they could have been sent by a friend. In other words, make them plain-looking.

    Just make sure your email copy is up to scratch.

    Too many people over-complicate their email marketing. This is just harming their ability to sell.


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      Thanks Tom. The email marketing campaigns are generally overdone and have too many things that may loose the attention of the customer and most often than not, it's not even opened.

      I was trying to understand if we lead the customer to the right search page from the email, could that possibly be could. Thanks for your suggestion. Value it.
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    Why would you provide your prospects with a way to leave your email or site?

    1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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  • I agree with Tom, email should be in a simple format. As many times.. Hyperlink text, html signatures becomes the reason that an email gets placed in spam or junk folders!
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    I wouldn't recommend it. I would create a neat and clear, apealing to the customers. Maybe after wards you can edit it, make some changes, but for now, a clean look is what attracts!
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  • I can only add up that programatically it is possible (without javascript) to have search box in the email template and get redirect with a query searching term on your website. Like
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