How I Used Magazine Covers to Write an Email That Got 1700% ROI

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I shared this little diddy on a Facebook group recently.

A lot of folks mentioned how my "magazine cover" tip
really helped them.

So, here we are.

Recently, a client hired me to write some emails for him.
He's in the golf niche.

The first email I wrote cost him $100.

It brought in almost $1,900 in sales.

That would be a 1700% ROI.

Not a bad return... considering it took me about 10 minutes to
write his email.

The key part of it all?

Using curiosity-triggering subject lines to get opened and read.

I believe that makes ALL the difference.

As the world continues to get busier and attention spans dwindle...
you'll have LESS chance to earn a moment of your prospects' time.

And you can't sell jack if the email isn't opened.

Look, not to crush your Ego or anything... but there's a REAL
good chance your prospects won't open or read your email.

They're simply too busy. They MAY look at each subject line for
2 seconds when scanning their inbox, deciding which ones to open.

That means you have to earn a moment of their time... so they can
at least SEE what you have to offer.

And with a great subject line... you can EARN a moment of their

So that's why I take writing my emails in steps.

Step one, is get noticed and get opened.

I've found that using "curiosity provoking subject lines" is a
tried and true way to get your email noticed and even opened.

Depending on the niche I'm writing for... I'll look through magazine
covers to find copy blurbs I can craft into great email subject lines.

Often times I'll go to Google, type in the "niche + magazines"... and
go to Google Images to search through magazine covers.

Again, I'm looking for magazine cover copy that makes GREAT email
subject lines that grab attention.

I'll wordsmith the magazine cover blurb so there's a HUGE curiosity

For example, I found a golf magazine that talked about how the
positioning of your feet make a huge difference when it comes
to your swing.

So, I crafted an email subject line that read....

Golfers: THIS body part adds 75 yards to your drives

And in the email body copy... I talked about how positioning
their feet can help them get a better, stronger swing.

That email worked like gangbusters... in just an hour it pulled
in $800 in sales...

At the end of the first day, it pulled in $1,800.

Bottom line....the greatest email body copy ain't worth much
if it ain't opened.

So, that's one big reason this client had stellar results.

I used magazine cover copy, combined with curiosity factor, to create
a subject line that got opened and the email read.
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