Does anyone want to share some email list building tips

by jimp74
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Hi Warriors,

Does anyone want to share some email list building tips or tricks?
Example; what works for you, places to find cheap clicks, do you buy, sell or swap solo ads?

Thanks for replying!

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    Having a "lead magnet" (ebook, course, free trial, etc.) works very well for me. Basically I would just write a really helpful ebook for my niche and let it collect emails with the Sumome List Builder, then keep giving people on my list value.
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    Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to list building.

    Be sure to practice list hygene every once in a while. Get rid of those addresses that never open your mails or click on the links inside them.

    This will greatly improve the quality of your list, and help keep autoresponder fees from getting out of control.
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    My best tip is to determine a common problem your target audience has. Then create an ebook, video, podcast or something else that actually SOLVES that problem. Offer that as your lead magnet.

    Next tip is to pre-sell something near the end of the lead magnet and also hint that you will be sending them even more solutions to the problem and other related problems. This way they are looking for your emails.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Rob's got it spot on. You need to make sure your freebie (I call it your "ethical bribe") really does solve a particular problem related to your market.

    Too many marketers have the attitude: "Oh, it's only a freebie I'm giving away. So I don't have to put too much thought into it. People will still want it because it's free."

    Big mistake.

    Even though it's free, people don't know anything about you at this stage. So you're still going to have to persuade them that giving you their email address in exchange for your ethical bribe is a good idea.

    In terms of driving traffic to your list, if you can afford it, do PAID advertising. (Facebook or Google Adwords are usually good places to start.)


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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    Relationship, relationship and more relationship.

    Here is what I mean...

    A scenario that a typical marketer faces. Let's call 'Jack'. Jack spends $0.50 for every 1 click to his website (from say Facebook ads). His opt-in page converts at 50%. So he requires, on average 2 clicks to get 1 opt-in. So his cost per opt-in is $1.

    Jack is in the men's weight loss niche. He figures he should email his subscribers every day (using autoresponder). When there is a big product launch in the weight loss industry - he will send out broadcast emails to promote the product launch as an affiliate.

    All good so far.

    Here is the problem. Jack is always sending out promotional emails to his subscribers. Occasionally he sends out great content that adds actual value to his subscribers. But those content emails aren't enough. After a while his subscribers get tired of him. And they unsubscribe.

    The rate at which Jack 'churns his list' is 2 months. So on average every new subscriber stays on Jack's list for 2 months.

    Now remember Jack spent $1 to acquire 1 subscriber. Let's say Jack is able to make the 'industry standard' of $1 per subscriber per month.

    This means Jack makes a profit of $1 for every new subscriber. ($1 to acquire the subscriber, subscriber stays on Jack's list for 2 months, Jack makes $1 per subscriber per month)

    Now fix this mistake...

    One day a marketer that makes 7 figure a year says to Jack: "Hey Jack, you need to send out at least 3 to 5 great content emails to every 1 promo email. You also should only promote products that you love and endorse fully."

    Jack follows this advice. Now he builds great relationship with his subscribers. His list churn rate is only 2 to 3% per month. Now on average, his subscriber stays on his list for at least 10 months.

    Suddenly his profit earned from his list jumped 900%....


    Obviously I'm using hypothetical numbers here. But there are a lot of truths in the above. The key is to build great relationship.

    Remember, you're emailing real human beings with emotions, needs and wants.

    Every time I send out an email. I always ask myself this question - would I be happy to send out this email to my family and friends. If the answer is no or maybe then I delete my email and re-write the whole thing.

    Bit of a long reply, but it's a mistake that many marketers make.

    I hope this helps
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    The FIRST thing is TRAFFIC: find relevant traffic to your niche.
    Solo Ads are good. Udimi is a useful platform, expecially cause of their tracking service.

    THAN the Giveaways: send something CORRELATED to what you're trying to sell them after. And of course, valuable.

    Nurturing: you have to have a plan. Planning and use an AUTORESPONDER WITH AUTOMATION.
    Automation are good cause your leads wont behave at the same manner and you have to
    set what will happen BEFORE.

    SELL: what you will sell and if they dont buy what your will LOGICALLY sell after? if we are in the real life?
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    MailChimp has a ‘Forward to a Friend’ option which you can add to all of your emails.

    Coupled with a ‘sign up to this newsletter’ option and some great, engaging content, this is a great way to get access to a whole new community! You can encourage forwards with things like entry into a competition for every email shared or again; really relevant and up-to-date content.

    I agree completely with you, KelvinKe; I personally like to write my emails as though I’m writing to my friends or family to really build that relationship, that way your readers will be encouraged to share with their real family and friends too.

    Another tip is to add ‘Signup to our newsletter’ box to every single page on your website, not just the contact page. If anyone is browsing and sees something they like, it’s a wasted opportunity if they have to go searching for a way to sign-up, the chances are they won’t look too hard and we know how vital those first few seconds are!

    I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a list but ultimately settled on quality not quantity like trobo 
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    great tips wordsandthebees thanks for sharing!

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    I have more success with solo ads then with regular ads.

    So, I would say if you haven't tried solo ads yet, to give them a try.

    I've also had pretty good opt in with video lead magnets.
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