What have you found to be the best time to reach out to your email list?

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I was talking to my wife earlier today about the best time to send emails to your marketing list. I gave her my best practices (Tuesday through Thursday between 10am and 2pm local time). It's been a while since I've done any A/B testing on this theory as my list is all B2B and I've got a pretty solid open rate.

As I was reading an article that we posted about the best time to reach out to customers, I started wondering what some other people's experiences have been. (You can read that article here)

What have you found to be the best time to send your emails (both B2B and B2C)?
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    I always thought it was early morning.

    But lately I've been having real success sending them between 8-9 pm.


    I guess just because people are less occupied at this time.

    Though in order to get the best answer for you, you'll have to test.


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    Yeah, it's VERY market and niche dependant.

    The only true way to tell is to test and get results and feedback.

    When I started my fitness biz 16 years ago, my best results for emails
    came Monday thru Friday.... anywhere from 9am EST to about 2pm EST.

    Weekends were dreadful, with half the open rates of weekdays.

    And when I started a golf business, I found that weekends actually worked
    pretty well!

    I'd send emails each day, and found that the Friday, Sat. Sunday emails
    got really good opens and sales.

    The exact opposite of my fitness biz.

    And now, 16 years later... I'm seeing good results in another fitness
    business with Friday emails!

    But for the most part... my sweet spots have been Tues, Wed, Thurs
    from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

    It's all about knowing your customer avatar... picture a regular day
    for them.

    If they work, chances are they're busy with email first thing in the

    If retired, they may check email anytime.

    Bottom line, it's totally market and niche dependant... and
    the only true way to tell for you is to test it and check response
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