AutoResponders: MailChimp vs Active Campaign vs ?

by rbowen
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I don't want to go back to AWeber or GetResponse.

I like MailChimp's "Free Forever" pricing plan: 2,000 subscribers & 12,000 emails per month.

And I like what I'm reading about Active Campaign's advanced marketing support/one-on-one training - although that's available only for a small business account ($49/mo.) and I'm on the broke side & just starting up again.

Anybody like either one of them, or like another AR a lot better, and why?

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    Why dont you want to go back to aweber or getresponse?
    These two ESP's are going to have some of the best delivery rates your going to find.

    MailChimp's free plan is very restrictive and is not going to allow you to promote anything using it. Your account will be banned in no time at all.

    No offence, but doing list building or email marketing with a zero budget is not really a good idea.
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    GetResponse provide you with a lot is forms' templates. A lot more than Aweber. GetResponse is also cheaper than Aweber has a better customer Service. I have been using GetResponse for quite awhile and I have had no issues with them. You can use GetResponse And then upgrade to advanced package as you grow your email list. Good Luck!
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    When something is free, it's usually free for a reason...

    I highly recommend Aweber.


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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    Thanks, guys. I was favoring GetResponse until I read several emails & posts about how GetResponse's delivery rates was slipping. Anybody have an opinion about that - whether it might be true ... 'Muzzamil', anybody?
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    Check out They are pretty good
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    till now I am using Getresponse but now I better try with mailchimp as well

    Mahesh Balan is an online marketer and an entrepreneur doing online marketing for many years.

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      Why try with Mailchimp if Getresponse does the job? Just wondering, as I myself am about to sign with Getresponse. Are there any issues you're having with Getresponse?
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