Increase open-rate ( no you won't find the answer inside just mistakes we're doing )

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Hi ,

OPEN-RATES ! That's our biggest enemy this days , we have about 20K subscribers that we collected using FB ADS - people who ask lots of questions on social media and send direct Emails on the CONTACT US form but the open-rate are about 15%

What we tried ?

We've tried subjects like :

-Welcome to ..
-Thanks for signing up
-Hey *FirstName* , thanks for signing up to ...
-Hi *FirstName* , welcome to ...

Ranges between 15-20% .

We use MailChimp

Timing :

-Tuesday 11AM
-Tuesday 4PM
-Wednesday 11AM
-Wednesday 6PM

Tried HTML and PlainText ( short version with link for details to track click )

Any tip , suggestion ,idea will be a great help THANK YOU !
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  • They said for the subject lines you want them to invoke "self-interest" and also "curiosity"

    One person who is awesome at email open rates and killer subject lines is Ben Settle. Just search his name you'll find his stuff.

    But along side that I've taken the advice from Frank Kern where he talks about putting the first sentence in the email as a micro-headline in a sense that draws them to open your email.

    You can see the first sentence usually in the preview-pane of the email when it hits your inbox. So you want that first sentence to do the job of pulling people into the email (open it).

    Then inside the email he said immediate put a link at the top, one in the middle, and one in the P.S. section about 3 to 4 links.

    He said that you want the each piece of your system to do what it's best at. Like don't try to sell in your email...all you're trying to do is get the "click." He said use your sales page to sell's that kind of thinking that I've implemented and seen some really powerful results.

    Hope this helped...good questions.
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    You follow my internal guidelines, sending on tues/wed.

    They offering something free in the subject line
    Test Your Email - Send an email to - Results in minutes.
    ZeroBounce - The ultimate email validation system.
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    What are your exact open rates for each of these things you tried? 15 - 20% is a relatively wide window. If you were consistently hitting 20% as opposed to 15% that's +1k opens per email. If you're sending a few emails a week that's +3k per week. Do this for a year and that's an extra 150k opens ignoring positive or negative growth of your list. This is a 10k ft overview of your data, the more data you post the more people might be able to help you.
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    To keep it high you should consider your Subject lines. It is the first thing your customer will see.

    To make your subject lines strong enough try to follow these tips:

    * Personalization: to get a high open rate it's a good idea to use a subscriber's first or last name in your message.

    * Avoid repetition : do not repeat the same subject lines for each campaign.When writing different subject lines and then tracked the results it will give you a clear idea which one is doing well for your campaign and let you skip bad ones.

    * Let's your subject lines clear for your subscribers. You must give them a clear idea about your campaign content.Otherwise, they will simply ignore yo
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    The biggest factor to higher open rates is engagement and relevancy (assuming your emails are hitting the inbox). Send emails that your audience WANTS to receive.

    Don't be generic with your subject lines, be experimental and try to set your email apart from other competitors in the inbox (be creative and not spammy)

    Think long term... Build trust, be authentic, Be transparent and so on...
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