landing page vs squeeze page vs capture page?

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hey can someone please explain to me what exactly all these are because many posts here are a bit confusing? i was thinking a landing page is a page where you first send someone to and its a short page something in terms of "make money online" then a button that says "click here to make money" then when they click that button they land at a capture page which asks for there contact info "email address" then that takes them to a squeeze page for example one of those long pages from clickbank that you have to scroll down alot with alot of videos, testimonials and other stuff about the product that they are selling, then that page on the bottom has a "add to cart" and then thats a sales page, is this information correct?? or did i get a few of them alittle off and wrong???

if anyone can help me out and let me know, i would greatly appreciate it
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    Here's the steps and the terms friend...

    A landing page and a squeeze page is the same thing, people just sometimes call it by different names. If fact, some people also call it a opt-in page.

    So basically here's how it all works together:

    Prospect lands on your (squeeze page, opt-in, Landing Page) or what ever you feel comfortable calling it. Which should contain a few things...

    There should be a Main headline describing your Lead Magnet (Free product you are giving them for their emails address to build your list).

    Now under that would be a Sub Headline with some benefits.

    Next you would have a picture of the product on the left with a sign up form on the right.

    You can have some more bullet point on that page also describing the product a bit more.

    After they sign up for your free product, their name would go into your Autoresponder List (hopefully you have an autoresponer set up) then they would be taken to a Thank You page to get their gift.

    Now, I don't typically like to do that...

    What I'll do is... send them to a Thank You page that says "Go check your email for your download link"

    The reason for doing this is that you want them to get use to checking for your emails, so you are training them in a sense when you do this...

    Alright, now once you follow up with them for a while and giving them good content here and there you will start to pitch them your product.

    When they finally decided they want to buy your product you can send them to your Sales Page.

    Your sale page can be in a few different formats.

    1. Video Sales Letter format
    2. Short Sales Letter format
    3. Long Sales Letter format

    Which ever format you decided to use is up to you.

    After they get on that page, you should have a Buy Now button where they can click on that will take them to the check out page.

    The check out page can be from PayPal, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, or what ever payment plan you are set up with.

    Again after they check out, send them to a thank you page with an opt in form to segment them to a buyers list now, since they are now buyers.

    When they click the submit button you can redirect that page to your download page.

    Hope this helps clear things up a bit...
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    i appreciate you helping me out, with all your replies, i have a few more questions to ask before i get totally familiar with this....

    Now....i am using --> so there i chose a "opt in" template which ever i like, then i customize that template, after i customize that template (which is a landing page i am assuming, correct me if im wrong) and in that page there is a button on the bottom that they have to click, after they click that button another page opens up with very similar to the first page but now theres a field for a "EMAIL INPUT FIELD" and once someone puts in there email there a button under that which they have to click (now im assuming this is the capture page, because its supposed to capture the persons email).

    Now once that is done and the person puts in the email (in the 2nd box that shows up) and the "prospect" enters the email and clicks the button under that "EMAIL FIELD BOX" now that then takes them to a "thank you page" which i setup.

    Next while all that is going on and the "prospect" entered the EMAIL and click the bottom, it sends and email to there email account which they put in the "EMAIL FIELD" and the email that they get to that email that they entered says, "blah blah blah thank you that you entered your email (please confirm your subscription) and gives them a button to which if they press it, means that they are interested and they are confirmed to be in my email list... everyone with me???? you guys following me???? then once they click the "subscribe me to the list button" in there email, they get another email from me, thanking them for subscribing". now since my leadpages is integrated with my autoresponder i now see the emails piling in after they confirm them thru THERE email (which means they "OPTED IN" is that correct????

    So my question is now, why have 2 boxes (one when they first click the link they get a box saying (ex: in the headline it says "make money online, blah blah blah earn $500" "CLICK HERE" then takes them to a 2nd box that opens up and asks for the "EMAIL" and then they click the button and they get a thank you page and a email sent to them so they can click another link in the email to confirm the subscription.

    My thing is why not just have 1 BOX (just saying a 7-10 word little pitch and a field to enter the email??? why does it have to go thru 2 boxes?? wouldnt it be easier to just go thru 1?? or am i missing something?

    This is whats confusing me, someone please explain why they have to go thru 2 forms and the 2nd form is where they enter the email while the first one is just to small little pitch that says "NOW CLICK HERE"
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      The template is the landing page aka the squeezepage aka the optin page aka as the capture page. They are the same thing except different wording.

      I don't if you have a had a chance to read the basic guides, and tutorials on leadpages yet. They have the boxes set up that way because they found it converts better. You want to make someone focus, and commit to one tiny act, and then increasingly ask for more information.

      I took the one less traveled by,
      And that has made all the difference

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    A Optin page Squeeze page even a Landing Page are the same but different names for them. That can be a video or a text page But it is the idea to give a bribe to join a list.
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