i get an email list from a friend

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hello, i just bought an email list from a friend, and i need help to build my own using it. please give me a details steps to do it right because i'm beginner .
i just realize that it is not a good idea to buy an email list, so now it is done , i need to minimize my lose. please help
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  • You should sent just a single email to all in the list and see who has opened your message.
    Then collect everyone that did opened it and mark them as potential buyers.
    This would be your new list that you should send emails to..
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    Hey, if i would be in your shoes, here is how I would handle this:
    Craft an email with the subject "I need to tell you a story"
    Then mericulously crafting a story in the email body thats ends with the importance of a solution you are offering. Story will have at least two powerful charcters, imaginative description and will take not more than 3 minutes to reach a conclusive end.
    The key here will be to build a sales argument without giving a slightest feel of selling.

    Stories are the best way to intrigue people. If you get that right, i am sure people will respond! Hope that helps.
    Junaid khawaja

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    First thing I would suggest doing is cleaning the list. Using a third party service such as BriteVerify would be helpful in removing bad email addresses or spam traps from that list.

    Second, I’d look for an email sending platform that allows sending to cold purchased lists.

    Good luck!
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      I have been monetizing purchased data for over 16 years. So I can give you some tips.

      With any purchased data you want to have it cleaned.

      When it comes to cleaning data, anything over $.60 per thousand that is actually verifying addresses as part of the cleaning process is overcharging as well in my book. Additionally if you have very large lists or plan to be in the business long term, you are better off getting software that you can use to verify addresses yourself and then just pay to have the valid addresses cleaned.

      Depending on the type of data it is, will dictate how you send it. IF it is fresh and targeted, you ideally want to send using a service that uses shared IPs, so that you can piggyback off the IP reputation of all user and hopefully get good inboxing.

      If it's aged data, then it's essentially untargeted and is going to generate a lower response rate and will be potentially more prone to getting complaints. So in this case I would look to set up your own self hosted mailer and IPs, However, this becomes much more complex..

      Additionally, I would be very cautious of any service that offers you a platform to mail and allows you to send purchased lists. As they typically aren't worth a crap and usually just a scam to take advantage of novice mailers...overcharge them for the amount of IPs they provide.

      What you want to do is work with a provider that simply supplies servers and IPs and supports mailers and won't terminate service over complaints.

      In the end, it's all about collecting your opens / clickers and dumping the unresponsive data. So that eventually you will have a smaller, but very responsive list and be able to mail less and make more when you send.
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    Be aware that you may get a few spam complaints from some people as these folks did not opt into get emails from you.
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    haitamch - you bought an email list. Let me be rude but honest - you will be wasting your time and money as well. You may find it hard to absorb this now, but no one has seen success unless its their own created list, where list knows the person and trust them.

    Your goal obviously is to make money and remember people will not take money from their pocket until they know and trust you. People get frustrated when they see emails from people they donot know.
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    Using a list that has not opted in and gave you permission to email this would be consider spam!

    If they don't know you, they might report you to their ISP. Which could give you a bad name and get your own internet cut off. NOT GOOD!

    It's not hard to build a list.

    Your best bet it to find "solo ad" providers...you can find some here! And pay for an add for $20-$30 bucks.

    Create a free lead magnet that they would want to download. ex. ebook on a specific subject, or video.

    Create you an opt-in page, so you can collect their emails.

    Keep your solo ad message short and sweet...here's and example:

    Subject: Need help with your FB ads?


    If you think FB ads are hard, let me make it easy for you!

    I will show you every trick I know to make sure you get better
    results then you are getting now.

    And if your new, I'll teach you as if you are a beginner and make
    it step-by-step. You've got nothing to loose!

    Just go here now and check it out: [www.youroptinpage]

    After they send out your solo ad, keep and eye on your autoresponder and watch your list build.

    It's one of the eaisest ways to start building your list right now.

    I would take a chance with someone else's list.

    What he should have done for your instead of selling you his list was just create a solo add for you to send out to his list on his behalf, they know and trust him already.

    That's how you need to work it...
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