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I'm using SendForensics.com and they are picking up that ISP's are flagging emails and counting it against many emails if "X-Mailer-RecptID" is in the header. It appears that this tag only shows in Interspire sent email. Since many spammers use Interspire, it hurts the rest of us.

Is yours still in there or did you remove it?

If you do a Google search for "X-Mailer-RecptID" it is mostly related to spam. So basically, all/most IEM users are are sending emails with a very negative footprint.

Can we edit this? How?

Even if you will not share how, has someone already done this?
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    Why don't you contact Interspire?

    From what I understand, I believe it is entirely PHP based. So worst case, you should be able to edit the code to remove it.

    Basically they are simply just footprinting your header and may want to consider removing other fields if there are any unique to Interspire.
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    I no longer have an active support license and cannot post questions. Maybe someone who does can??

    They have pretty much stopped any updates. They will come out with a point update every other year to fix a major issue or two but they have pretty much stopped all development.

    That said, it will have to be a 3rd party that makes the update.
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      I am facing the same problem you are I'm thinking about going with Mailwizz or arpreach
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