Email Delivery vs. Deliverability: What's the Difference?

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Hubspot's Kayla Lewkowski published a blog earlier this week about email delivery vs. deliverability, it's a fine line in the difference but one we should consider in our email marketing, especially for those starting out.

With all the blood sweat and tears (and a lot of testing) that goes into email campaigns we can get caught up in crafting the perfect copy, the ultimate imagery, incredible fonts and mind blowing spacing, but even when we create the seemingly perfect email, if it doesn't really the inbox we have failed miserably and no amount of graphic design genius can change that.

In the blog Kayla explores what is the difference between delivery and deliverability.
  • Delivery - whether the receiver accepts your email and whether it goes directly into the inbox or via spam folder and furthermore can it even be accepted
  • Deliverability - this is the actual inbox placement and where the email ends up folder wise when it is delivered

The main big difference is that delivery issues mean something could be wrong with your infrastructure while deliverability issues means that you're sending or permission practises are not working for you.

Furthermore, delivery consists of a range of factors including:
  • Identification - this is the set of protocols that prove who you are when you send an email including the SPF, DKIM and DMARC.
  • Reputation - does your ISP have a good reputation and does it support positive subscriber behaviour. Are you sending relevant and trusted emails to your subscribers
  • Content - is your message appropriate for your audience and is all of your content and style free from shock and awe headlines, exclamation points, weird formatting and URL shorteners

Tips for making it to the inbox of your subscribers:
  • Make your list squeaky clean
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe
  • make your emails personal and relevant

What do you think of the delivery vs. deliverability conundrum... it makes sense what Kayla has said to me.. and the tips are fairly well known. Do you think one is more important than the other?

Read the full blog here Email Delivery vs.*Deliverability: What's the Difference?
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