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This might be a stupid question, but I can't find the answer anywhere in Google. Perhaps I'm asking the wrong question. But anyway, with Solo Ads, if someone is selling say 200 clicks, how do they know how many emails they need to send out to get those 200 clicks? Is it all guess work?

How do you limit the amount of clicks? Do you send multiple small batches of emails until that click amount is finally reached? Or am I missing something here?
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    I do not sell solo ads, but I'm a big mailer and I would expect that they will know fairly well how the list they are sending responds / how many clicks it generally produces.

    Most will use a rotater and rotate what URL the click is being sent to and stop sending clicks to that URL once it reaches the desired number of clicks.
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    Yes, most use rotators like Quality Click Control, ClickMagick, and ClickMaximizer to limit clicks to certain links as to not over deliver too much. I'm not sure if anyone actually segments their list and estimates the amount of emails they need, because they can potentially come out of a solo ad on the wrong end if say they deliver double or triple the amount of clicks needed.
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  • DIABL0 is correct. The most precise way to limit to 200 clicks is just send emails till these clicks are reached by a link counter that afterwards redirects to your page/ad.
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    Most solo ad providers will deliver at least 10% more clicks than you bought. It's good practise to always over-deliver whatever you're selling, but it also allows a margin in case there are errors in the system counting the clicks.
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    yep basically solo sellers use rotators to deliver and control the number of clicks...and the might send multiple times to reach that number but it all depends of the size of the list...

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    I sell solo's sometimes.. not often and i use clickmagik and the rotator function to control..
    before I knew about rotators thought it was a rough guestimate of how many clicks I would be able to send and i would send out the mail to a segmented list - not very accurate though and sometimes I delivered by x2 times.

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    hey guys, question while I'm here, what is the best forum to offer my services to sell traffic and solo ads? I don't want to post it in the wrong forum and get banned or get the thread deleted, so which one should I post it in?
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      Originally Posted by Anthony Lipari View Post

      hey guys, question while I'm here, what is the best forum to offer my services to sell traffic and solo ads? I don't want to post it in the wrong forum and get banned or get the thread deleted, so which one should I post it in?
      You can pay for a classified post here on WF but...

      You will actually get a lot more sales by posting in the Facebook solo ads for sale groups. That's the place the vast majority of buyers look.

      Rob Whisonant
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    Well back when I use to sell solo ads, I was able to deliver about 100-200 clicks in one email.

    So if you was to sell solo ads you'd want to at least make sure you can deliver about 100 clicks per email.

    Then as you continue to build your list, the more clicks you can send via one email increases which will allow you to sell more clicks.

    So if you got to a point where you can send 500 clicks per email you would be able to sell 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 click packages.

    Of course you would use something like ClickMagick to limit the amount of clicks someone go if they bought say 100 - 200 clicks which would look something like this:

    Sold 100 clicks = Link A
    Sold 200 clicks = Link B
    Advertisement = Link C

    Your rotator would be something like:

    100 Clicks sent to Link A
    Spillover of 200 clicks sent to Link B
    Spillover of Left Over Clicks sent to Link C

    Going with the example of sending 500 clicks per email blast.

    Link C would get at least 200 clicks sent to it.

    So you effectively mail for 3 different links using the one email blast.

    Hope that helps,

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