Monetizing Insurance Leads thru email

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I run a number of insurance lead websites and have captured close to 600k users who have opted in to our email list requesting insurance quotes.
After they submit their form, I currently only send them one automated email to compare quotes and I get paid off their clicks as well as if they are filling out applications.

My questions are, how can I monetize this list other than the initial offers i'm sending?
How often should i send them offers?
What type of offers are effective to this demographic?
and if anyone recommends any good ESPs that'd be great as well.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
Thank You!
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    all recipients who starts comparison don't go to last step and purchase the insurance plan. Many of them stopped in first or second step of comparison. you should target all those customers and for that you have to give an option to resume their comparison directly from their emails.
    You have to create a tracking mechanism about user's activity.
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