B2B Email Marketing (Sales) : why it's not working !?

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Well,as we all know, Marketing is about Value and targeting , and since I am in the right Forum and with some HQ content to share , then I am obliged to ask you to
allow me to be less formal PLEASE

When we are talking about B2B EMAIL Marketing then we are Talking about some seriousThings, IT IS THAT POINT WHEN RISK IS ABOUT TO GO HIGH
It is that moment of truth when your services as a company or individual get evaluated THATS THE TRUTH , MAKING YOUR FIRST B2B DEAL IS A PROUVE THAT YOU ARE ALIVE and that is the moment when all your bad thoughts get wiped and your rude into succes become clear
well, That is the perfect script

Now let's imagine that your get rejected and your campaign's RIO is too low
le's remember togather what i sead about Value and targeting , I am tryingto make things simple for you cause truely complicating things wouldnt give me the title of a Great Marketer , and that is exactly what you should do about your campaign
#1Turn the simple profile
You have your product + your emails list + your brand
evaluate each item of the formula above don't be the one who destroy your succes by your self cause if the campaign feild then one of the items above needs to be reviewed , dont be lazy we are talking about a serious matter here , YOUR SUCCES , call your team and evaluate each one of them and do A/B testing and make your product the last item to change of course , DO THAT and i am sure that you are going in the right way cause Let's be realistic here THATS WHAT PRO Marketers DO
let's be more realistic now your Email content is your seller Don't send a cloun to sell your products , Spend some money to hire a copywriter or spend some time to learn copywriting , it is up to you actually
]#3 use a Builder and give your Email a chance
as Humans we care about design Now beleive me there is a humen behind that business you are emailing , TRY TO SET AN HTML EMAIL a very orginsed one , like this you are giving your email a chance to be readed NOW TO BE HONEST THIS TIP IS FOR THE NEWBIES but as PRO You must be tried many formats and experience and RIO value is enough to tell you what format you need to use
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