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Are they a worthy investment? People tell me to stay clear and people tell me to go for it guns blazing?

Worth my investment?

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    Try Udimi I've had good luck with this.
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    Of course they're worth the investment. I buy solo ad traffic from Udimi all of the time.

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    Try solo ads from facebook groups where u can see testimonials and u ca talk to the seller.

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    As others have mentioned, I would recommend udimi, I've used it a great deal. Buying directly from sellers can turn out poorly, they may be cheating you. Even testimonials can be faked, so make sure you if you do buy directly from someone you know people who have actually made sales advertising with them. If you're using udimi this is pretty much handled for you.

    Darren Olander
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    ive had great success with these guys . Tier 1 and 2 very nice. Called monstersoloads
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    How do you know which seller is the best on UDMI?
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    Guys please recommend couple of sellers from UDMI
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    As everyone was saying, Udimi is the popular choice I been using. I have 2-3 vendors that gives me great results.
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  • Depends completely on the seller. Use something like clickmagick to track, and you might also want to either add a phone number field to your page, or turn on confirmed optin while testing a new source. Many solo ad providers will send you fake traffic that submits other people's info automatically. If you use a phone field and every single lead leaves a phone number, it's fake. If you call your leads and every person tells you they never heard of you, it's fake. And if no one confirms their subscription it's fake. Sucks to lose the money on a bad seller, but at least you'll know not to buy from them again. I saw people mention Udimi. I've found sellers on there that deliver real clicks, and fake clicks. It's the luck of the draw.
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    Test and find out but do your due diligence when buying.

    You can get great results with solo ads, just depends on a few different variables.

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    Go to solo ads testimonials in facebook groups and see reviews.

    Udimi is good but u have to carefully choose the sellers, nor their trackin is not perfect as they claim.

    You have to test and establish a good relationship with the seller.

    Consider that most of the subscribers are freebie seekers, so they jump from opt in page to opt in page in order to download the pdfs...

    ...so you have to nurture them a lot before seeing a purchase.
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    I would say Solo-Ad's are probably one of the easiest and quickest way to get targeted traffic to your optin. I know some folks whose built their list purely on Solo Ad's and nothing else. Sure there's initial investment that you have to make but it saves time and if you can find quality and trusted solo ad vendors you start seeing good ROI very quickly.

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    Originally Posted by MichaelCo View Post

    Are they a worthy investment? People tell me to stay clear and people tell me to go for it guns blazing?

    Worth my investment?

    still depends what niche you are in.As long it related to IM good, but there are plenty other niches where is not so easy to find solo ad seller
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    I found some great sellers on clickdrop and soloadmarketplace.com lately, also check out clickonomy
    many different niches
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