First real Steps Into Email Marketing For Me

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Hi guys

I have an online and bricks & mortar business selling peanut and other nut butters.

I have used mailchimp free version and built up a list of just over 1000 subscribers without a lot of effort really. However I want to give more focus on the web sales and growth.

I have setup an account with Aweber and is seems fine. I know have an auto responder message set up for subscribers giving 25% off purchases for signing up

I would like a better template for my emails in Aweber and would like a custom job or theme. Can anyone recommend a decent one please?

My plan is as follows but please feel free to jump in and help out if you see any mistakes

1. Set up an email series to send out in order after 1st email. Not all pushy sales but a mix of 'what can you do with peanut butter' .. best protein butters... special limited edition flavour to list only etc to include videos, links to social media

This is really as far as I have got with my plan. Does it seem ok or am I missing something more?

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    First of all I love peanuts and peanut butter. It's the one addiction I can't seem to kick and I'm a guy whose quit smoking cold turkey after 15 years of 1 pack a day.

    Learn how I built a 14k email list and monetized it.

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    Anyhow I think you're talking about an auto responder series (scheduled emails to send) to make more sales.. I would recommend that you send out a series of 7 emails at least for 7 days with emails that are 1. highly personal telling about your story and why you're selling peanuts and butter 2. value adding contents that you know they will enjoy 3. feedback emails asking them what they are looking to get from your emails 4. More value adding content (mix it with some sales at the end of the email.. quick tip use the P.S. and add in the 25% coupon again.. this time with some scarcity e.g. valid for 24 hours only) etc..

    Learn how I built a 14k email list and monetized it.

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    first things first, i guess we all love peanut butter surely except the ones having nut allergies
    p.s put time constraints on your offers.
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  • Thanks Guys... And glad you like the nutty stuff :-) - Is there anywhere I can get examples of auto responder series

    I Make Peanut Butter :-)

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    Nice business you got there. Unfortunately, I would have to steer clear of it because of my nut allergy haha.

    In regards to your emailing plan, I think it's pretty good. Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk and/or his book Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook? It basically emphasizes giving, giving, and giving (content), before asking for action, and that's what I see you essentially doing in your plan.

    I'm not sure if there's an auto responder series template for something as specific as your nut-butters niche, but I'm sure you could just look up a general solid outline.
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    I really like your plan, include videos/social media links don't forget to add your own Brand logo.

    Eye-catching email is important for catching customers attention. In the next emails, you can add promotional offer, can add some products+price, also can mention top selling product every week., product related info etc.

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  • Thanks again all. Yes heard of Gary V (Cant watch him too much though ;-) So from what you all say i am not too far off point.

    I Make Peanut Butter :-)

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    Your plan sounds good. Have a few different email marketing templates. Make sure they are responsive. On your sign up form try to get some info from your subscribers (i.e. Favorite peanut butter). Use this information and anything else you can gather to segment your list and deliver personalized content to your subscribers.
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    Your plan is really great. You know email marketing is a good way to get direct communication with customers.

    For this email template is helpful to explain about your products. In template you should use logo, image and spam free text. To check spam score and to avoid spam words you should check before create your email template. A beautiful email template can increase your products popularity and publicity.

    You should share your web link on social media too.


    Hi there, this is Mithu, professional email marketer on fiverr. You can check my profile on fiverr

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